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Arch-angel Raphael

Arch-angel Raphael

This is one of the four key stars in the heavens, also called archangel stars.

They have been characterized as Horses, reflected both in the famed Four Horsemen of Apocalypse (Revelations 6) and Chariot Horses in the Book of Zechariah.

This angle-angel is only one that is representing human but let's look at the picture of collected data. I suppose it is not whole nor complete picture of  a symbol that is so often mentioned and impregnated with serious collection of mean-ings. This wRITINGs and symbolism is imposed on us by church fat-hers (pater-pader-paeder-father is finished latest form of pederastic trend introduced by Dorians in order to rule)
First thing you can see is Fomalhauts resemblance to "eye of the Sauron" from "Lord of the Rings" as it is presented as something evil that is alive (LIVE-EVIL) and human acording to Bible-Babylon.
Secondly it looks like Vesica Pisces or Mouth of the Fish or Universal Vagina or Rho -Flower of Life which also "coincide" to mark the pisces in Horus-scope or birth of spring. Spring is marked today in march or Aries while infact day is obviosly longer starting mid february, thus Pisces. Fomalhaut use to be marked in Aquarius - <13th century Persian astronomical writer Al Kazwini, do not mention it at all in this constellation Piscis Austrinus, but in Aquarius.> 
Our Horus-scope is all wrong, no wonder not a thing fits cause we still use old scriptures while their stellar position have infact changed. Note-there is 13 constellations not 12 and therefore 13 Horus-scope signs.
Name of the Raphael; first of all every L or eL is a god in Masonry, it is that L - compas implemented in every name or symbol as aditiv or spice on top all previous naming then renaming.
Everything is renamed.
Ra is Rho or Chi Rho that Respective archangel is carrying in his hands on many paintings.
Ph - F and F is derived from U, V and W which represent female acpects of Uterus, Ur, Vagina, Water and in reversed symbolics letter M, M = W, Madonna is Water Godess, water and earth elements are female.
eL is masonic compas, measuring tool that gives them as measurers a "word", they give names and rename it all, off course, never in benefit of their "servants" meaning us. They are the ones that removed female from the past, present and future but at the same time they have stolen all her attributes and parade around with all that is hers. One of the most blatant examples is in the popular term "Panspermia", a-not-her theory of  Seemen-see as sea, across water, completely obscuring female origins of entire Universe and fellows girls and mothers here on Earth that were infact first inhabitants of Urth for circa 30-40 000 years before man ever appeared.
"Eye of the Sauron", once upon a time there have been a tribe of "Amazons" called Sauro-Sarmatian and this girls faught men to death and lost...obviously. 
Once you replace eye with "I of the Sauron" you may see that Sauron grew a phallus...
Everything in symbology is trenched in sex.
Reason is not obvious nor natural, our nature isn't natural as it was meant to be "once upon a time"...
Decoded Raphael might as well be Rho-Fail.
Thing with symbolism is this; ones angle-angel, point of view is decisive factor in decoding symbolism, Christians will see only one angel/angle.
I speak 5 languages and study hebrew, egyptian, greek, akkadian etc, observe symbols that started as letters first, the way they morphed and who was morphing them, added numerological values they form unbelievable shapes and added meaning value or sound to each symbol one may easy come to the conclusion that all is not what you see or you think you see.
And on top of it all one must take into acount that wRITINGs were first spiral, then syllabic, from right to left, vowels were not written, they marked "silence" as gods and that there are first consonants and then derivatives introduced in todays "Babylon" for only one purpose, to confuse, devide us and then rule over us.
wRITINGs are a tenet of unbeliveable set of SPELLs casted upon us as a course-CURSE of kNOwLEDGE and kNO-WINGs.

sources; some of them are

angles are angels
one is a story teller and other is a point of view,
 how much can you see from your corner is called an angle,
only zero have full view cause it marks 360° and it's complete, meaning no angles thus no limitations.

St Michael

His point of view is to kill a dragon or prim-or-dial deity snake.
Snake is natural, real animal that was seen as metaphor for water which is essence of all.
Moment that Snake became a male something was changed so that change was presented in drawings as unnatural or Chimera cause it is half-man, half lizzard with wings.

Satan or Saint is the same depending from a point of view so what is Saint to some it is Satan to others. This very Arch-angel is saint of a patri-archy, he slew a dragon, but who is a dragon, DRAG-ON is a code for Troyan or first Adam (if this was his name cause Adam = madA (mother)
To patriarchy Satan is all that represents ancient ways or so called "pagan" ways.

St Michael coresponds to a Sun on a fixed cross in the sky, it is  Fixed star Aldebaran that is found at 9º Gemini 47’ in the right eye of the bull in Taurus. That is that one eye = I on the top of the pyramide of the famous "Illuminati" and the symbol of New World Order.

All 4 of the archangels are also 4 horsemen of Apocalypse.

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