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Ophiuchus and Horus-Scope

 Ophiuchus and Horus-Scope

 it really was a baby on ambilical sad...

The constellation Ophiuchus is identified with Asclepius who was cut from his mother's womb as a foetus.
-Ophiuchus might be the fetus (foetus) attached to the umbilicus cord (Serpens). Ophiuchus is depicted holding a snake, the snake is represented by the constellation Serpens. Ophiuchus, from Greek Ophiukhos, literally 'holding a serpent', from Greek opis (or ophis), the Greek word for 'serpent', + Greek ekhein, 'to hold, keep, have'. In a discussion on this linguist webpage there is a suggestion that there is a likely relationship between the Greek words ophis and *omphi-. [Omphi from the Indo-European root *nobh-. Related words 'umbilicus', 'omphallus', 'navel', 'nave', the hub of a wheel]. 

-[The womb is represented by Delphinus.] DELPHI That's where CERN crew went in mid april 2012, Delphi is regarded as navel of the world!

Today we know Ophiuchus as a snake wrestler, he might as well represent Hercules that killed ancient serpent-wave and seeded all with himself-whatever that mean! yuck!

Quan Yin - Kwan Yin or Chinese Baphomet
-symbol above her horned hand is symbol of Ophiuchus - 13th constellation on our sky now dating between november 29 to december 17. This constellation is purposely kicked out of our Horus-scope same as perfect 13 Moon fases trough the Year.

U with a wave across the chalice represents water-life-embodiment or Universal Uterus.

What’s in a name?
Ophiuchius also hides a batman!
The name Asklepios is suggested to have been derived from (a)spalax, 'blind rat mole', a truly blind mole, also spelled skalops, aspalas, which this Wikipedia page says "refers to the resemblance of the Tholos in Epidauros and the building of a mole". The Greek word for mole was aspalae, the word is translated talpa, the Latin for the genus of moles. A mole was also called mus caecus, 'blind mouse"

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