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COINS from Reign of the Mother Goddess

Coin_of_Mysia 4th_century_BCE

Roman or Rho-man Godde$$ of Mon Eye. Note the ORRA TOR & the 3 PIPS under TOR. Rota Ro, Or Ra, Orato, Orator. Is that a skewered CRAB? The Constellation or nebula, reputedly capt-ewered and CRUSHED by HER-A-Kles or HerCuleS - He-row HE who went a-Round of the Zodiakos in his Twelve Labours? Ha ha he he - no doubt giving RE-birth to a few new constellations? Or is it a SPICA - Virginal Ear of CORN.
by Lizzy Bluebell
Lyra and Myrrhe

Silver coins of Priansos in Crete from c. 430 B.C.E. onwards represent a goddess enthroned beneath a palm-tree, who caresses with her hand the head of a great snake.

Snake and Goddess is so old that predates any number given by His-Story-anus. Her snake was understanding of Universe, Wave nature of it all, Great Snake in heavens that holds North star or Ursus, snake-wave of water and matter. She was alone and first, there was no men around when this was her favourite pet.
When Goddess and snake went down HE became her and snake have become a Dragon. This is best registrated in Chinese culture but it did spreaded later all over the world.
There is also a detail about dragon and snake, while snake is free and her symbolism became closed loup such as Ouroboros (very unaspicious caged animal) Dragon is normally set on piedestal cause he have feet added.
Snake with her shape wwwww represents water-female element while
Draco that spits fire represents fire-male element that is mostly represented with triangle as in pyramide.

Lyra on a coin is her unmistacable Queendom of Mother Goddess

 Phrygian Amazon coin

Artemis cult of Mother Goddess

Lydian coin ,Venus of the Sea
500 BC

Juno Sospita
Horned Goddess
Etruscan or Rasenian Juturna

Janus bifrons
Cillens, Silvan
Very early period of male mutation is presented with doublefaced Pan.
First was Juno (January-Juturna-Danica-Venus-Zora) as two twin sisters
then it was she and he-bearded coins of Janus
and last versions were two bearded men.

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