"I fucking love science page" on facebook runned by Elise Andrew is employed by LabX Media Group, which owns LabWrench and publishes Lab Manager Magazine and The Scientist, which is doing animal lab testing.

So, let's recap: first, the admin of IFLS is incredibly pro-animal testing; second, the admin of IFLS works for a company that helps trade lab equipment, including the kind used to test on animals; third, IFLS regularly bashes vegans and ‪#‎vegetarians‬ using tired arguments that could be debunked with a five minute search on Google while simultaneously ignoring piles of scientific evidence demonstrating that ‪#‎vegan‬ diets are extraordinarily sustainable; and fourth, IFLS has posted no information about factory farming or its connection to climate change, which is about as stunning as the animal "conditioning" shocker pictured above and featured on the LabX website.
I don't presume to have answers to these anomalies. Maybe they're related to the admin working for a business that profits from animal testing. Maybe they're related to the admin - having a degree in Biological Sciences - not wanting to damage future job prospects with companies that may test on animals by promoting ideas that might encourage people to see animals as more than mere objects for experimentation. Maybe the admin is just trying to boost activity on the IFLS Facebook page by sharing sensationalized clickbait trash that people will comment on, share, and write articles about (oops). We can speculate about motives all day, but in reality, they're irrelevant.
It doesn't matter if you support a ‪#‎PlantBasedDiet‬ or are against one. It doesn't matter if you support ‪#‎factoryfarming‬ or are against it. The point here isn't about agreeing or disagreeing with a particular view - because, frankly, science doesn't give a fuck - and that's exactly the issue. IFLS has a very apparent bias when it comes to ‪#‎misleading‬ its viewers about certain animal-related issues, or ignoring them altogether - ‪#‎evidence‬ be damned.
The admin running ‪#‎IFLS‬ isn't an idiot, and surely knows about factory farming and the sustainability of plant-based diets, so why this type of science isn't given a home on a Facebook page supposedly dedicated to the love of all science - even the kind we may not personally like - is definitely a question worth asking.…/why-does-i-fucking…


If there’s a more destructive way of doing something, and a less destructive way of accomplishing the same thing, the more credentialed and respected the “scientists,” the more likely they are to choose the more destructive way.
Nothing stands in the way of progress, because progress is a dumb, murderous brute. And scientists are their pioneers.


there is a loads of bestiality sites, try Google; the male zoo tube
some of the sites are;

there is so much of them if you search but I just don't have a stomach to search it!


Brutal truth about animal abuse of UW Madison

University of Wisconsin-Madison)


For decades, experimenters at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW) have been conducting cruel and useless taxpayer-funded "sound localization" studies in which cats have steel coils implanted in their eyes, holes drilled into their skulls, and electrodes implanted in their brains. Sometimes, cats used in th
is experiment have had their ears cut off or are intentionally deafened by having a toxic chemical applied to their inner ear. The cats are then deprived of food for several days in order to coerce them to look in the direction of sounds during experimental sessions in which their heads are immobilized by a bolt screwed into their skulls.

Internal UW documents and photographs obtained by PETA in response to a successful lawsuit detail the miserable life and death of one of the cats, a gentle tabby named Double Trouble, who was abused and killed in this barbaric experiment. In one instance, Double Trouble woke up while experimenters were cutting into her head. Following a series of invasive surgeries, she developed infections, became lethargic and depressed, started to twitch, and suffered paralysis in half her face. After UW deemed the experiment a failure, the experimenters killed and decapitated Double Trouble so that they could examine her brain.

Experimenters have justified the use of 30 cats like Double Trouble per year in this cruel project not by saying that it would enhance human health but by stating that they needed to "keep up a productive publication record that ensures our constant funding."

Shockingly, the federal government continues to support this irrelevant and deadly project and has provided UW with more than $3 million in grant money to abuse animals—even though researchers at other institutions around the world are already using modern methods with human volunteers to investigate how the brain locates and processes sound. AND THAT MEANS THAT EVERY UW DOES THIS OVER AND OVER AGAIN CAUSE THEY DO NOT SHARE THEIR RESEARCH!

What more can we say about this horrible place?
Even former Chancellor Biddy Martin said she fully stands by the researchers as well!
UW-Madison campus veterinarian quits, faulting animal care
UW-Madison suspends researcher over animal welfare problems
USDA inspectors again find violations at UW-Madison animal research labs
Read more:
Judge opens door to criminal charges over UW-Madison sheep experiments
UW sheep decompression probe stalls as accusations mount
UW Madison Plans to Abuse Sheep...Again

So what is their logo?
With a caption “NUMEN LUMEN”
translation "HOWEVER MANIFESTED" !!!

But who is chairman of UW Madison?
This is how he looks like;
This is his lame statement on animal abuse or shall I better say animal massacre?

Their facebook page;

A surgeon and UW-Madison Medical School alumnus, Dr. James Yahr, weighs in on the topic in today's Capital Times: He writes:
Dear Editor: As a surgeon, a Wisconsin native and a UW-Madison
Medical School alumnus, I was shocked and disappointed at UW’s dishonest attempt to defend the gruesome procedures conducted on unsuspecting cats in its labs by claiming they are the same as those performed on humans receiving implants to improve their hearing.
Unlike cats at UW, humans in need of cochlear implants are not intentionally deafened. Unlike cats at UW, humans receiving cochlear implants do not have large metal posts screwed into their skulls to restrain them during experiments being conducted against their will. Unlike cats at UW, humans do not have their ears chopped off. Unlike cats at UW, humans are not deprived of food for days to compel them to cooperate in experiments. And, unlike cats at UW, humans are not imprisoned in cages for life and then killed and decapitated when they are no longer of use.
The technical process of actually implanting hearing devices in humans and cats may be similar, but the nature and context of the two procedures are worlds apart. UW’s shamefully comparing an elective surgical procedure on a consenting human patient to the willful mutilation and killing of a healthy cat in a curiosity-driven experiment is like saying dropping a radioactive bomb is no different than giving an X-ray.
Dr. James Yahr
Carlsbad, Calif."

Want to do something and make your voice be heard about Double Trouble? Contact Biddy Martin, Chancellor of the University of Wisconsin-Madison at 608-262-9946, /or Darrell Bazzell, Vice-Chancellor of Administration at 608-262-9943 or dbaz, or Eric Sandgren, Director of Research Animal Resources Center, at or 608-890-0795 or 608-262-1238, and/or Janet Welter, Chief Campus Veterinarian, at 608-265-2695, Martin Cadwallader, Dean of The Graduate School at or 608-262-1044

>>> Susan Fountain said >>>
"One of the most significant trends in modern research in recent years has been the recognition that the results of animal tests are rarely relevant to humans. Studies in esteemed publications such as the Journal of the American Medical Asso
ciation and the British Medical Journal have repeatedly concluded that because of the fundamental biological differences among species, animal tests do not reliably predict outcomes in humans. These same studies have also concluded that the overwhelming majority of animal experiments fail to lead to medical advances that improve the health of humans and, in fact, are often dangerously misleading.
The world's most forward-thinking scientists have accepted this conclusion and have moved on to develop, validate, and implement methods for studying diseases and testing products that save animals' lives and are actually relevant to human health.
Non-animal methods usually take less time to complete than the crude, archaic animal tests that they replace. In addition, they cost only a fraction of what animal experiments cost and are not affected by species differences that make applying test results to humans difficult or impossible. Effective, affordable, and humane research methods include sophisticated in vitro, genomic, and computer-modeling techniques as well as studies of human populations, volunteers, and patients."

there was a woman who said people have had cochlear implants for 20-years - so she asked - what is this research for?

A German newspaper says "animal brothels" are on the rise 
as bestiality becomes "lifestyle choice"...

"After years of abuse (inherent with circuses), Tyke escaped from a circus, killing her 'trainer' before running out the door to get outside, then she was shot to death by police. She was shot nearly 100 times and it took two hours for her to die on the street. She had a miserable life and a slow, painful death. At least she would never be abused or suffer again." (8/20/1994)

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