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Bee Hive = behave
seemingly geometric pattern looks quite different from close, holes are imperfect and there is NOTHING linear about the pattern but it is still one of the biggest inspirations for most beautiful designs and drawings.
Still, it is Nature that is inspiration, NOT the other way around.

When I first went to school I was told following; maths and physics are hard to understand because they are abstract science, geometry is easy because it is linear.
Abstract means; it happens only in ones head.
I was lucky to be taught and told just how abstract maths is because we were pointed into every hole of maths. Take whichever number and whichever point on a scale of numbers one can go into infinity on every point and then above this; maths go only in limited amounts of directions and are ultimately deprived of time dimension. With it that time dimension is objectively the only real measure of it all, we were told that Time is human invention (which is lie and a truth at the same time because without Time we wouldn't exist so then Time made US, not vice versa). I went to advanced school, two years pressed in one, every subject. Time is change that human small, narrow minded construct tries to control on every bloody way, time is marked as a spiral even on prehistoric drawings, everything repeats  yet is never the same, 
we call that time.
So basicly whatever was me-asurer was measuring something that already exist and called 'his' names, never was his achievement at all, nature made it, he stick his name on it.
Theories and theorems are propositions taken too seriously such as darwins evolutions and many, many other theories from people that are considered geniuses. Far away from it and without single proof.
Very atomic structure is a lie, there is NOT one single picture of atomic structure except drawings of someones theories and it have been disputed recently. Entire epoque of technical 'inovations' is based on distractions and explosions starting from car engine to electricity not to mention haarp or nuclear explosions.
One day debalans of these ways might result in massive size implosion because everything on this earth and universe tends to gets back at its place where it was before it was send away in blast. This is the nature of the nature, balance, libra is incripted in all but we do not know what this everchanging Thea (Dea) thinks.

We use numerical expression because Nature is out of our perception, we are limited, she is not.
Quantum theories sound more plausible to me, more close to the true nature.
We decide what we see, feel, hear, do and summum of our heavy consc. is making everything harder.

= Sacred is composed of red=bloody sac=womb
while earth-meter-eye means "I measure earth"

Mathematics is the basis of much of our scientific language.
and that is correct = it is OUR scientific language! 
maths are linear!

In nature there are only circles and curves, spirals and vortexes and as you know it is impossible to square the circle, also none of the mentions bodies. 
Solids and linear mathematics are aproximate only.

Fractals repeat without diviation, there is NO CHANGE that is notable in nature trough time. 
What you call "sacred geometry" is LIMITED.

More 'tricks of the trade' which have led Man way off-track and 'off his rocker'. The Universe is not a finite, chequered-board game. It is not even circular! Numb-errs are mummers -- a mere approximation of the minutia observed in Natural Cycles, as forced into geometric patterns to make convenient Platonic Solids for building THINGS; Man's de-vice for de-ciphering Nature's own 'TRUTH', which is curvi-linear, not a Black Cube or Holo-graph for containing our Future. Always, these calculations are about limits only, man's own notions as gleaned from Natural FORMS, his only de-vice to reach his GOALS.

Men will never speak the language of nature, he may want to or say he does which would be a lie but he will never be bigger then her.
She made US, not other way around.

SaCReD = CuRSeD (kabala system application)
-top pics are squared flowers of life, third is 2D, 4th Platonic solids---these are all there is, he couldn't go further then dodecahedron.
-second line is natural forms, chemistry, Saturn, natural crystal growth and last is Platonic Icosahedron=5+6 combination
-third is spiraly growth of ice crystals and earth crystal
-and last vertical line are BALL-games!
I was thinking about flower of life here so I took ALL shapes I could think of; 2 dimensional hexagram and hexagon which I call squaring of a real thing because it is nothing but connecting dots with STRAIGHT LINE. Dots are created with help of compas first and then outlined.
One made with compas is closest to the real thing but then again WHO's to say this is real, this is a idea or I-deus or proposition of make-up of life. Let's say it is correct I-dea but Nature is at least 3 D so this flower takes space and have a breathe of soul to it. So this is just a drawing of something that WATER drews when you cast pebbles in it. This drawing comes from Mother Earth self and this is why it is not mathematical I-dea but HER explanation on something. That something is how we draw frequency thus ALL elements, water, air, earth, matter and fire. There is only one element!

The picture she showed us in Water is best described in story of Narciss, when his own ego killed him cause he had I-dea it is him who is pretty while Water knew it is she who is pretty cause he looked at her all the time. 
I hope that humanity wake up in time, before they end up in deep waters with I-dea dellusion.

Natural growth of ice and rock krystals are spiraly, no way circular and as for Saturn would be most acceptable that it is a giantic crystal growth that also shows spiral formations around North pole of Saturn. (if it is so)
All geometric drawings are incorrect, that is the point of this post.

Way I see these geometric shapes is that they are pleasing to the eye, they have ornamentalistic beauty in them but to me that is it, not more ,not less. There is absolutely NO MAGICK in them.

 Icosahedron is model for "Football"!
And to whoever read "magick" stuff knows that numbers 5 and 6 are numbers of Baphomet. And Baphomet or Satan is Mother Earth very often presented also as Medusa and that one in ALL languages and colours. 
So what you do when kicking that bloody ball around you are playing with Mother Earth on a very divious level-subconscious.

Other balls are also made by that model, basketball have Pisces-Orion-Kybeles Trident symbol on it. Pisces being part of Flower of Life as in Rugby ball with that ugly, disgracing stitches on her Mound!
Billiard ball carries Venus number-8!

Message is that Earth and just about any fem is here to be kicked and played with by men!


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