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Bee Hive = behave
seemingly geometric pattern looks quite different from close, holes are imperfect and there is NOTHING linear about the pattern but it is still one of the biggest inspirations for most beautiful designs and drawings.
Still, it is Nature that is inspiration, NOT the other way around.

When I first went to school I was told following; maths and physics are hard to understand because they are abstract science, geometry is easy because it is linear.
Abstract means; it happens only in ones head.
I was lucky to be taught and told just how abstract maths is because we were pointed into every hole of maths. Take whichever number and whichever point on a scale of numbers one can go into infinity on every point and then above this; maths go only in limited amounts of directions and are ultimately deprived of time dimension. With it that time dimension is objectively the only real measure of it all, we were told that Time is human invention (which is lie and a truth at the same time because without Time we wouldn't exist so then Time made US, not vice versa). I went to advanced school, two years pressed in one, every subject. Time is change that human small, narrow minded construct tries to control on every bloody way, time is marked as a spiral even on prehistoric drawings, everything repeats  yet is never the same, 
we call that time.
So basicly whatever was me-asurer was measuring something that already exist and called 'his' names, never was his achievement at all, nature made it, he stick his name on it.
Theories and theorems are propositions taken too seriously such as darwins evolutions and many, many other theories from people that are considered geniuses. Far away from it and without single proof.
Very atomic structure is a lie, there is NOT one single picture of atomic structure except drawings of someones theories and it have been disputed recently. Entire epoque of technical 'inovations' is based on distractions and explosions starting from car engine to electricity not to mention haarp or nuclear explosions.
One day debalans of these ways might result in massive size implosion because everything on this earth and universe tends to gets back at its place where it was before it was send away in blast. This is the nature of the nature, balance, libra is incripted in all but we do not know what this everchanging Thea (Dea) thinks.

We use numerical expression because Nature is out of our perception, we are limited, she is not.
Quantum theories sound more plausible to me, more close to the true nature.
We decide what we see, feel, hear, do and summum of our heavy consc. is making everything harder.

= Sacred is composed of red=bloody sac=womb
while earth-meter-eye means "I measure earth"

Mathematics is the basis of much of our scientific language.
and that is correct = it is OUR scientific language! 
maths are linear!

In nature there are only circles and curves, spirals and vortexes and as you know it is impossible to square the circle, also none of the mentions bodies. 
Solids and linear mathematics are aproximate only.

Fractals repeat without diviation, there is NO CHANGE that is notable in nature trough time. 
What you call "sacred geometry" is LIMITED.

More 'tricks of the trade' which have led Man way off-track and 'off his rocker'. The Universe is not a finite, chequered-board game. It is not even circular! Numb-errs are mummers -- a mere approximation of the minutia observed in Natural Cycles, as forced into geometric patterns to make convenient Platonic Solids for building THINGS; Man's de-vice for de-ciphering Nature's own 'TRUTH', which is curvi-linear, not a Black Cube or Holo-graph for containing our Future. Always, these calculations are about limits only, man's own notions as gleaned from Natural FORMS, his only de-vice to reach his GOALS.

Men will never speak the language of nature, he may want to or say he does which would be a lie but he will never be bigger then her.
She made US, not other way around.

SaCReD = CuRSeD (kabala system application)
-top pics are squared flowers of life, third is 2D, 4th Platonic solids---these are all there is, he couldn't go further then dodecahedron.
-second line is natural forms, chemistry, Saturn, natural crystal growth and last is Platonic Icosahedron=5+6 combination
-third is spiraly growth of ice crystals and earth crystal
-and last vertical line are BALL-games!
I was thinking about flower of life here so I took ALL shapes I could think of; 2 dimensional hexagram and hexagon which I call squaring of a real thing because it is nothing but connecting dots with STRAIGHT LINE. Dots are created with help of compas first and then outlined.
One made with compas is closest to the real thing but then again WHO's to say this is real, this is a idea or I-deus or proposition of make-up of life. Let's say it is correct I-dea but Nature is at least 3 D so this flower takes space and have a breathe of soul to it. So this is just a drawing of something that WATER drews when you cast pebbles in it. This drawing comes from Mother Earth self and this is why it is not mathematical I-dea but HER explanation on something. That something is how we draw frequency thus ALL elements, water, air, earth, matter and fire. There is only one element!

The picture she showed us in Water is best described in story of Narciss, when his own ego killed him cause he had I-dea it is him who is pretty while Water knew it is she who is pretty cause he looked at her all the time. 
I hope that humanity wake up in time, before they end up in deep waters with I-dea dellusion.

Natural growth of ice and rock krystals are spiraly, no way circular and as for Saturn would be most acceptable that it is a giantic crystal growth that also shows spiral formations around North pole of Saturn. (if it is so)
All geometric drawings are incorrect, that is the point of this post.

Way I see these geometric shapes is that they are pleasing to the eye, they have ornamentalistic beauty in them but to me that is it, not more ,not less. There is absolutely NO MAGICK in them.

 Icosahedron is model for "Football"!
And to whoever read "magick" stuff knows that numbers 5 and 6 are numbers of Baphomet. And Baphomet or Satan is Mother Earth very often presented also as Medusa and that one in ALL languages and colours. 
So what you do when kicking that bloody ball around you are playing with Mother Earth on a very divious level-subconscious.

Other balls are also made by that model, basketball have Pisces-Orion-Kybeles Trident symbol on it. Pisces being part of Flower of Life as in Rugby ball with that ugly, disgracing stitches on her Mound!
Billiard ball carries Venus number-8!

Message is that Earth and just about any fem is here to be kicked and played with by men!


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The woman is the portal...a stargate...the female is the guardian and which all live enters, body and soul ... a gift given only to her!

from Cherish the Cunt
(i'm saving this precious text ,just in case!)

Origins of the word ‘Cunt’.

When this campaign began I knew resolutely that I would use the word ‘Cunt’. It wasn’t so much a decision but a feeling like I had no choice. There simply wasn’t any other word that felt ‘right’. I’ve always liked the word ‘Cunt’ – coming from Ireland, we say it a lot more often that it’s said in the UK.  When I moved here, I began to notice the shocked reaction that I got when I casually said ‘Cunt’ . It was mainly from women. This intrigued me. Language is so interesting with it’s loaded history and resonance. Language is our thread to the past. It seems that the reasons why the word ‘Cunt’ is such a bad word are no longer in our consciousness. When I’ve questioned people about why they find it offensive they struggle to say why ‘IT JUST IS, RIGHT!” If everyone knew the wonderful and varied origins of the word ‘Cunt’ we would all be shouting it from the tree tops in celebration of the Cunt, the gateway to life itself. But these people don’t know the roots and for some unknown reason, the universe has plucked me, amongst others, to help them remember.
Artist Sam Taylor Wood's Ruby necklace

So first of all ‘Cunt’ is the only word in the English language that we can use for the whole of the female genitalia. The word ‘Vagina’ only refers to the inner entrance meaning ‘tunnel’ or ‘scabbard’, a sheath for a sword. As Inga Muscio says “I ain’t got no vagina”. Vulva refers to the clitoris, outer labia majora and minora but not the vagina. We need the word ‘Cunt’ if we want to talk about our incredible sexual orchestra in all its glory.
To do this in an liberated, empowered fashion we need to educate ourselves about the varied and diverse origins of the word from all around the world. Of all the origins the word ‘cunctipotent’ stood out for me the most. It means “all powerful…having cunt-magic” according to Barbara Walker. Jane Caputi has researched this word in depth. Her link is at the bottom of the page. She suggests that instead of ‘listening to our gut’, as we are often told, we can move and speak from our cunt. ‘Cuntspeak’ as she delightfully names it.
I’ve researched this through many avenues and talked to many people. Linguists have debated for a long time over the true roots and it is impossible to really know exactly where is originated. The prefix ‘cu’ has been deemed “quintessentially feminine” and pre-dates written language. Therefore it can be found in the forms of ‘cu’, ‘qu’, ‘ku’, ‘coo’, ‘qy’ or ‘cy’. There are many varied and wonderful lingustic paths I could take along the meandering path of what is the etyomology of this explosive word, so in order to keep it succinct I have only presented what I deem as the juiciest findings. From Goddesses and female figures in Africa, Sumeria, India, China, Japan, Korea and Egypt all the way to the River Cunti in Wiltshire and the stunning Sile Na Gigs in my home town in Kildare, Ireland.
‘Kunta’ means woman in several African languages. It has been found in ancient writings that there was a North African Goddess called ‘Kunda Saharan’ and her tribe are still around today. They are called ‘The Kundas’. It is said that they can trace their roots right back to “the cleft of the Goddess.” It is also recorded that ‘Kunda Saharan’ was worshipped in the Saharan region before the area was a desert. This time period is between 6,000 and 8,000 BC. The Kunda people are in Mozambique, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.
Sumeria (Ancient Iraq)
Here the word ‘Kunta’ means literally ‘one who has female genitalia’. This is linked with the word ‘Cuneiform’ which literally means ‘the sign of the cunta’ or ‘queen who invented writing’. Cuneiform is one of the earliest known forms of writing in Sumeria dating at c.3100 BC. At around the same time there were priestesses named The Quadesha who were accountants at the Temple of Inanna. It is highly likely that Cuneiform was the form of writing the Quadesha used on clay tablets to record the temple’s financial accounts thus making it ‘the Sign of the Cunta’.

Ancient Cuneiform tablet
Inanna was the goddess of love, war, fertility and lust. She was associated with the celestial planet, Venus. She was known as Queen of Heaven and the word ‘Qu’ can also mean love, sensuality, sexuality, the divinity present in all females. She is also connected with extramarital sex and sensual affairs, prowling streets and taverns for sexual adventure. There are hymns from Sumerian sacred texts which glorify Inanna’s sexuality and sang praises to her beautiful and soft Cunt. Interestingly the Quadesha are also cited in some texts as ‘Sacred Whores’.

Goddess Inanna, Sumeria (Ancient Iraq)
It is believed that the word ‘Cunt’ came from the Proto German word ‘Kunto’ which is said to have come from the Indo-European word ‘Kunti’ which is the name of a much respected and revered Hindu goddess who was also known as ‘Cunti-Devi’ and is said to be the ruler of ‘Kunta’ which we know as ‘Kundalini’ energy. The snake like feminine energy that travels up our spine. Legend stories say how she sang to the gods to call them to sleep with her. She eventually had a son with the Sun God, Surya and ‘The Teachings of Queen Kunti’ can still be read today.  Many say that ‘Cunt’ derived from the Oriental Great Goddess Cunti, also known in ancient Hinduism as the ‘Yoni of the Universe’ (yoni means ‘sacred temple’ in Sanskrit and is used to describe the womb and cunt). Also Indian children who were born out of wedlock were know as ‘Kuntas’ and revered as gifts of the Goddess Kunti’. The word ‘Kunda’ is also used in India for a hole or pit in the ground (agni-kunda, fire-pit) for storing fire on alters in the Vedic religion.
China, Japan and Korea
Remembering the ‘CU’, ‘QU’ and ‘KU’ connection, we can understand how ‘Cunt’ is believed to be linked with the popular Buddhist Goddess of Compassion and Mercy is ‘Kuan-yin’ or ‘Quan Yin’ or ‘Kunnon’. She carries the Goddess and Divine Mother aspect of Buddhism and is generally regarded by many as the protector of women and children and is also seen as a fertility goddess capable of granting children.  Some say ‘Cunda’ was the name of the Buddha’s mother according to the Japanese but all I can find is that is was possibly the name of a female blacksmith who fed the Buddha his last meal of either mushrooms or pork. He fell violently ill and then became enlightened.

Kuan Yin, China
Ancient Canaan, Eygpt
Here, Qudshu or Qetesh is venerated as the fertility goddess of sacred ecstasy and sexual pleasure and is depicted holding snakes in one hand and a lotus flower in the other as symbols of creation. She is called ‘Mistress of All the Gods’, ‘Lady of the Stars of Heaven’ and ‘Great of magic, mistress of the stars’.

Qudshu, Caanite Goddess, Eygpt
All of this searching led me to thinking about links to Britain, where I live and Ireland, where I’m from and I was over the moon to find rich roots this side of the world too.
The River ‘Kennet’ in Wiltshire was known as ‘Cunnit’ until 1740 and many people believe this is related to our favourite word. It is a beautiful, vibrant river and a home to many species of plants, animals and fish. One of the Kennet’s sources is a chalk cave named Swallowhead Spring near Silbury Hill, a prehistoric artificial chalk mound which is part of the UNESCO Heritage site that includes Stonehenge and Avebury. At 40 metres it is the tallest human-made mound in Europe and one of the largest in the world. It is thought to be approximately 4750 years old. Many people believe that it was built as a representation of the pregnant belly of a Celtic Goddess called ‘Sil’ or ‘Sulis’ who was worshipped in that area of Celtic Britain and in north-western France. Her name tells us she was both a sun and an eye-goddess (eyes =wisdom and all-seeing, just like the sun).  And local historian, Michael Dames believes that the quarry surrounding it was deliberately shaped to resemble the rest of her head, neck and body. He takes this one step further by suggesting that if Silbury Hill is the pregnant belly, then the cave from which the Swallowhead Spring begins is ‘The Cunt’ with the River Cunnit flowing from it. 

There are ancient stone sculptures of women all over Ireland and the UK on old churches and castles. These incredible figures are known as the Sile Na Gig (pronounced Sheela Na Gee) and are all sitting in a squating position with their hands holding their cunts open. Wide open. They are seen by many as ‘The Divine Hag’ or ‘The Sacred Whore’  or as a fertility symbol.  It is believed that they were seen to ward off evil and the Christians allowed them on churches to appease the Celts whose sacred sites they were building churches on.  I am in love with them. I found two in my home town, Kildare recently and can’t describe the feeling of touching such ancient stone that was made with such intent to honour the power of women’s Cunts. As I have been researching the word ‘Cunt’, I have wanted find a link to these figures in Ireland and I have. One of the connection lies with the Celtic Goddess ‘Sil’ who is represented in the ancient mound and surrounding landscape and the River ‘Cunnit’ (Kennett) in Wiltshire. Irish linguists believe it is very likely that the goddess ‘Sil’ is connected with the ‘Aos Sidhe’ (pronounced Aus Shee) people in ancient Irish folklore who were also known as the ‘fairy folk’ and are still believed today by some to live in forts and glens all over Ireland.
The word ‘Gee’ is commonly used in place of ‘Cunt’ today in Ireland and is seen to be linked to ‘Ghee’ in Sanskrit, the clarified butter from South Aisa. There is a special dish called ‘Kunda’ in India which is made from ghee and milk. Today in India,  Ghee is also used on the genitals of statues of the Goddess Yakshi, a fertility earth goddess in the quest to aid fertility. Cows are sacred in India and traditionally ‘Ghee’  was made from only cows milk. The 19 Priestesses of the Goddess Brigid of Kildare made their own special type of ‘Ghee’ from sacred cows that lived on their land. This was used for cuts and wounds during childbirth and as wax for the fire that was kept lit there in honour of Brigid for over 1000 years.
Some people also claim that the Goddess Kilda is Ireland’s counterpart to India’s Goddess Kunti who resided in Kildare. The Goddess Kilda allegedly had shrines all over Ireland until the Christians came and destroyed them. Is it possible that the Sile Na Gigs are connected somehow to Kilda’s shrines? I believe so and am determined to finding out more so stay tuned to my unfolding journey into the world of Cunt and Sile Na Gigs! It also is claimed that ‘Kil‘ in old Irish means ‘cave’ and I have read articles that are sure that ‘cave’ is relating to the ultimate cave in the female body – The Cunt.

Cunt is used a lot in Ireland but not in the extreme derogatory way it is in the UK and US. We say it in an almost playful fashion and there is even the word ‘Cunteen’ which is a variation for a young person deemed a ‘Cunt’. Legend has it that in Ireland the word ‘Cunt’ was once a birthing call for women in labour. This one made me smile… I know what I’ll be screaming when the day comes for me to give birth. CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNTTTTTTTT!!

following article is taken from this site, knowing that some articles tend to dissapear, I saved the text here.

by Gloria Bertonis, M.Ed. from the book STONE AGE DIVAS
"Cuneiform", the most ancient form of writing, derives from "kunta" meaning "female genitalia" in Sumerian of ancient Iraq. "Kunta" is "woman" in several Near Eastern and African languages and a Mother Tongue that is being compiled by linguists today. It was also spelled "quna," which is the root of "queen." Since priestesses were known to be accountants/administrators of Temple of Inanna in Sumeria c.3100 B.C. when Cuneiform was first used, it is highly likely that cuneiform was "the sign of the kunta" who kept the books (clay tablets) for the temple economy/redistribution of wealth that evolved from communal economics of ancient mother-cultures.
So when an abuser calls a woman a "cunt" he is actually calling her a "queen who invented writing and numerals." Girls and women can thus reclaim the words in our language that have been used as weapons against us in emotionally explosive situations. The word "prostitute" (law giver of the temple) and "whore" (houri, Persian, which means a gorgeous semi-divine female that awaits men in the 7th Heaven) are some of the finest compliments a woman can be given.
Many ancient languages did not have huge vocabularies as we do and the same word had many meanings, according to the context in which it was used. "Kunta" is also the root of kundalini (energy), khan (highest leader of the Eurasian steppe nomads, whose society was originally matriarchal and who still have remnants of a matriarchate), quantity, any words that start with "kw", qu, or kh. Examples: Cunda, mother of Buddha according to Japanese; Cunti-Devi, Goddess of kundalini energy, India; Kunta, means literally one who has female genitalia, and describes a priestess, ancient Sumeria; Kun, Goddess of Mercy, India; Quani, Korean goddess; Qudshu, female priestess of ancient Canaan & Phoenicia, which became the Roman province of Palestine after they conquered it; Quadesha, Sumerian word for a type of priestess. Qu' can also mean love, sensuality, sexuality, the divinity present in all females.

Cassandra in a nut's shell. 
THIS is our COMMON STORY ggggrrrrlllllsss. 
We are truly "seen but not heard".
Here is our 'living truth' as etched into Greek fiction. 

"We first find Cassandra had spent a night at Apollo’s temple with her twin brother Helenus, at which time the temple snakes licked her ears clean so that she was able to hear the future. [...] And indeed, the burden of Cassandra’s “gift” is evident in mythology. She predicted the outcome of many disastrous events. In one memorable example, Cassandra announced the dire consequences of the Trojans accepting the infamous Wooden Horse from their Greek opponents. Her family believes she is mad, and, according to some versions, keep her locked up because of this. In versions where she is incarcerated, this is typically portrayed as driving her truly insane, although in versions where she is not incarcerated; she is typically portrayed as remaining simply misunderstood."
author: Lizzy Bluebell

Y. I.

Concha (literally a seashell) is a South American insult. Concha means vagina in Argentina, Puerto Rico, Chile and sometimes in other Latin countries. Concha is also a sea shell but the shells are usually refered to as conchitas (little sea shells) to avoid saying cunt. While, concha-tu-madre is an insult, Latin American women do not always find the use of the word concha as a body part to be as offensive as English-speaking women find cunt to be.

Pregnancy Protection

Barbara Tedlock, PhD in "The Woman in the Shaman's Body - Reclaiming the Feminine in Religion and Medicine"

"During orgasm lovers often appear as if possessed by spirits, shuddering and quivering, groaning and crying out, momentarily blind and deaf to all that surrounds them. Scientists point to a strong neurological connection between sexuality, particularly female sexuality, and going into a trance.

A powerful electrical connection across women's brain hemispheres contributes to their heightened ability to experience ecstasy. The sheer number and the density of neurons in women's brains are significantly greater in than in men. Moreover, neurons course between the left and right sides of the brain within the corpus callosum, a connective passageway that is larger in women that in men.

Another neural pathway linking the two hemispheres-known as the anterior commissure-is notably larger and denser in women than in men. And a third band of fibers connecting the thalami of the two sides of the brain-the massa intermedia-is present more often in females than in males.

Since women feel orgasms so intensely that they enter an altered state of consciousness, And it is this ability that leads to women's extraordinary skills in shamanic practice. Indeed, the word for orgasm is the same as the word for trance in a number of languages....It's impossible to deny the physically sexual component of shamanic activity.

to the ones that do not achieve orgasm easy;
Women can not achieve orgasm with men that easy because of the physical position of clitoris. It is almost as if she is not suppose to have it with men. Also hymen speaks volumes. For the rest this is excellent article because high spiritual experience is very orgastic.

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WHEN QUEEN IS CALLED A KING Ur-Nammu, Akhenaten,God Ptah,Imhotep, Khonsu, etc

His-story Con-torted

As if Kemetians were colour blind, would they use lapis everywhere and forget to make eyes in blue colour, on all statues? I know what is this about, white supremacy shit!
The "scientists" refuse to admit such grand civilisation to be dark tanned! What a ego-maniacs!

This was by far the biggest surprise to find this icon of "king" of Sun and Moon.
It is in Venice in Pala D'Oro
Cornelis de Vos painting of "king" Solomon, in the center.

Actual statue of Tuthmosis IV and his mother TIAA, the Cairo Museum

Said Meresankh III and his mother  

Nebsen statue called the husband and wife Nebet-Ta. Nebsen is the translation: "This is their lord." But impossible to identify women who may represent Meryet-Nit with Hor-Aha or Nit-Hotep names.
Khonsu -Khonsu’s name comes from the ancient Egyptian word khens, which means to travel, to run, or to move about. An ancient deity, Khonsu is the son of Amon-Ra and Mut. Khonsu is a moon-god, who was said to cause the crescent moon to shine, cattle to become fertile, women to conceive, and for the lungs of the people to fill with fresh air.
in Wiki it is a HE
Imhotep (circa 2650-2600 BC) was an Egyptian polymath,] who served under the Third Dynasty king Djoser as chancellor to the pharaoh and high priest of the sun god Ra at Heliopolis. He is considered to be the first architect and engineer and physician in early history.
so this is a he?
Cult Image of the God Ptah Period: Third Intermediate Period–early Dynasty 26 Dynasty: Dynasty 26, early Date: ca. 945–600 B.C.
that is a HE god?

Şahmaran - So she is a 'king cobra' ! ! ! no doubt! 

Shahmaran (Kurdish: Şahmaran, Şamaran, Şa:maran; Turkish: Şahmaran, literally, shah (king) of the snakes.) is a mythical creature from the folklore of eastern ...

Statue of Hemiuni

This 26th century B.C.E. limestone statue depicts Hemiunu, nephew and vizier (high official) of Pharaoh Khufu.

This is "King" of Ur or Ur-Nammu with breasts,
narrow waste and hips! :)

These are workers from Ur, same period as their "King"!
These are nicely shaped perfect masculine bodies that one can't see today so easy.