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Swastika is basically a Spiral, a basic pattern of a wave/particle behaviour from atoms up to galaxies in the sky. It also includes TIME dimension and change because each point on a spiral is different, there is no repetitions, only CHANGE is constant.

Spiral moving of 2 closest objects in the sky didn’t escape our ancestors and they noticed that these two are moving in opposite directions so this is how one represents Moon and other Sun.

Lunar swastika is called swavastika/sauvastika/gammadian and represents female and Solar is just swastika and represents male.
The difference is probably extracted from different brains;
male-linear,focused, tunnel visioned.
female-curvy, emotional, multi-observant and tasking.

Lunar swastika is used to evoke plenty because it is Moon that regulates fertility in women, thus entire humanity is a child of a Moon. Moon regulates crops in the fields, fish in the sea, all rivers and oceans, shortly, there won't be any life on Earth without Moon.

As an object swastika was used as fylfoot to make ropes and nets, then clothing, it was used as button to hook more garments in the winter time.

Phaistos disc from Minos is example of Gammadian scripture that starts at center and then goes outwards anticlockwise as movement of the Moon.

When scriptures became linear principle to write from right to left have been kept for many millenias up to Greeks who changed scriptures to the system of solar swastika thus from left to right. It is also notable that so called “Greek” is really Phoenician which was a way of invading  indigenous “Greeks”, rewrite their past and origins to what we know today. Real Greek is stemming from Kemet as Danais tribe. Phaistos disc is one of this “undichiphered” scriptures that might open eyes to some. Phaistos is with Minoan caves and many other findings in Illyrian and Etruscan - those mistyfied, non indo-european languages that ancestors of Europe really spoke and wrote.

So do we use that swastika today?
Yes, every day! 
It is in our scripture as letters S and Z.
First and oldest is S, it was gammadian thus reversed S at that times representing Lunar powers and us humans who’s very birth is intimately intertwined with Lady Luna. 
S represented snake also, snake is a very graphic representation of wave/water principle without which there won’t be any life for us. The sound of S is as snake but also that of electricity. And as something obvious it was a gigantic constellation of SNAKE today called “The Draco” which stems from TIRGATA in Syria,also known as “Dea Syria” or “Godess of Syria”.
Draco is omcircling the Ursa Minor and North Star Polaris on 3 sides virtually holding the axis of the North sky.
S is probably very first symbol ever written since prahistory where snakes ingravings and Goddess of Old and Moon use to dwell to-gather.
Sound Z as Zeta, written as reversed 3 is added by Greeks and ancient scriptures reversed direction in Solar swastika direction. Letter Z is Latin/Roman novelty. First it was sharp and pointy as roman letters are then Z became curvy when it was hand written and feminine circular, spiral shaped hand of swastika turned today again into cold, hard, squared Z as we use this letter on our computers for writing these days.

Swastika is basically a Spiral, a curve. It stands for growth and evolution but not as fractal pictures it. Fractal is always the same, nothing moves, nothing changes, nothing evolves because computer simulation IS NOT the real deal.
When “fractal” is the same then it is locked inside a circle,as an Ouroboros, a snake that bites it’s own tail.
Fractal literarly means BROKEN.

If a “fractal” is on a different point of a spiral in time then it is no more a “fractal” because it have EVOLVED, it changed.

Initial or firing moments of a spiral are not as Fibonacci have presented, samples of pine cone, corn, sunflower or daisy might prove me right. 

From dawn of time people TRIED to explain NATURE which brought forth science as we have it today, brutal TERMINATOR of the Nature self, the EGO-maniac - SCIENTIST immersed in his own madness of a god-complex invented prices for math, physics, chemistry and biology calling them “natural” sciences silencing one major fact; CIRCLE or anything round CAN NOT BE SQUARED – it is IMPOSSIBLE!

So what they do?
They are advertising squares and boxes and fractals as ideal that would suit them in a sense, stay the same, obey, stay where I boxed you, don't move, don't think
and for gods sake DO NOT EVOLVE!

Hitlers swastika is that one based on Z, perversion of nature, taken from it's fertile direction but squared so it could be measured as in me-asured. This is what measuring is for, to secure teritory, something, anything in the world where greed prevails.

some sources;

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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

ATEN DISC is not Sun

The headdress of Hathor is described by the disinformation historians and archaeologists serving the patriarchy as a "pair of cow horns with a sun disk and snake"... well it kind looks to me like an erect clitoris.

detail of ceiling in Dendera temple

Dendera temple