Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Thrakian Tomb - Girls & Horses

Wiki and all other links are as usually having no clue or lying cause they say this is wedding of Queen and King. Only one is seated in a Throne and it is a girl while he is important guest, he have significantly darker skin and grey hair with aura like Sun, reminds me of Helios or Lion something with that appearance, more like mythical figure then real person.
Also he is doing something at that table while her attention is pointed at the table it seems that he is trying to please her cause his attention is on her.
Rest of the people on the picture are all about same race with all types of hair colourings, blond, brown, red, also some are with straight hair, some curly.
So in reality they haven't been dark tanned as Thrakians are usually represented as such.
Girls are of the obviously higher statusses while men are only in serving roles.
Predominant Chariots with Horses are from a Mother Goddess times
while a Holy Cow is embelished with red ribbon forming M letter that you can find in Babylon a lot.
It is safe to say this is from Thrakian Amazon Era as they like all other Amazon Queens adored Horses.

 Entrance is shaped like Vulva

 at top right is Cornucopia - a horn of plenty.

Girls dressed in Fleur de Lis inside tomb