Wednesday, 27 January 2016


For very long time most if not all nations and races are struggling to prove or claim (rightfully or not) so called "high civilisations" and acording to this ideas to ascribe themselves bunch of epitets such as  "true kings" "aryans" "the best" "highest" "godly" "pure ones" etc
and to prove that point they all go to show massive structures of the past,
others claim writting systems as sign of "intelligence"
well - WRONG !
in all casses
because if one doesn't understand a TRIBE completely
in a way it has became,
what constitutes tribe as living entity,
hows and whens have no real background to a claim
and all idea just collapse in itself.

When you take a look at prehistory what you will see is following;
Drawings on cave walls of animals and women.
Sometimes with children
and priestesses, lots of them.
Pristesses are mostly Horned "deities".
What is missing on large scale is a male and when he is in the picture
he hunts or is engaged in war.
Villages were huge ,male figure was absent, prevalent figurines are those of mother and child alone, all this regardless of race, in fact male figures are so rare that they question existance of males up to some 4000BC for Europe and aprox 7000BC for Africa.
(i have been generous with numbers in both casses)
Absence of male figure questions "reproductive" ways too that we take for granted.

Prehistoric findings show some extremely brutal attacks and disperse of these massive villages.
This is common to all races and all continents.
Out of cave to a clay house, growing crops and raising children is a matter of a mother.
Often depicting of birthing mother is explaining a forming foundation of a tribe self.
What you see is what you get.
Mother give birth to several children
They give birth to others so basic constitution of a tribe was a family.
Family without a father figure.
So that very begin of any house was a mother and her family.
Mother made a house.
Mother is "the house"
Mother made flesh.
Mother is "the Queen Mother".

This basic rules of any royal house are to be seen all over the Earth.
Regardless of future "development"
(development is questionable thing, just check the trail of garbage)
term Royal House is tight with Tribal.

one of best known royal names is Elizabeth who is carrier of Queen Mother title.

who is eL?
who is God?
how many times El is a Beth?
God is a House?
yes, she is House God.
in a tribes each house had a God.

this is one meaning of Elizabeth out of many in just one name.

Consequent to this waste picture of our early beginnings is a following conclusion.
There wasn't any massive movements of nations at all
what happened was that men moved
men didn't had home
men hunted
men made wars.
And they still do...

Once a house is built and tribe becomes large one need a larger house.
It took millenias to come up with idea to build a "large house".
This large house needed peace, long term of peace to happen and many generations was waiting for that gifted one. Ideas are individual and yes, we are different and some have more gift then others.
So it is infact not a nation but a few special ones.
Those special ones were amongst tribal mothers.
Woman built this world from scrath.

and today we have folloving;

mayority is less gifted
those with ego problems are less gifted,
not all less gifted are ego-maniacs,
some less gifted are joy
Inventions are distructions.
(atom bomb is "invention"...seriously? O.o)