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One of the most serious issues of the past resolves more then just mistery of Goddess, it explains 'mythical' dragons, schoolarly lies and subtile whispers incoded in words, their ancient misteries and beliefs but more then surely always ON in Modus Operandi against our free will.

MEANing of a word EMPIRE
The night that Alexandar Makedonian was born temple in Ephessus was aledgedly set to fire while high prisstes was delivering him to the world.

Alexander's father Philip looked inside his wife's bedroom and saw her in the embrace of a snake. This was interpreted to be the god Zeus-Ammon, who was considered by some to have been Alexander's father.

 Philip did not considerd Alexandar as his son, whoever was reading about him know that significant amount of animosity was between this two.
Alexandar was PARTHENOGENETIC child of his mother Olympia
just as many other conquerors that claimed to be born of Virgin
but scripts are written by paederastic church club so therefore claim that he is son of Zeus.
To make all of this more pun names such as Zeus, Jesus all mean SISTER, just as Isis does.
In all the books where drawings of that famous gigantic temple that is listed in 7 worlds wonders
there is no drawing of M !
but when you look up for original coins of that time M is nicely on display on top of capitel.
Alexander himself had many names. People from that times had certain beliefs about names and writts and this one is probable reason of that many naming during ones life. Ancients believed that if one knows your name that they can distroy you. 

One of many Alexander names is Meryamun Setepenra.
He got this name when he went to Shiwa temple, kicked everyone out and legend says he asked for the truth about his divine birth.
Answer was YES.
This is his Egyptian name he got in that occasion.

From Akkadian source it is impossible to render his name.
The correct rendering of Alexandros would have been A-lek-sa-an-dar-ru-su, but until now, no tablet has been discovered that uses this Greek name.
But few things transpire not just from this akkadian tablet but also writtings by Rufus that Alexander was not GREEK.

More intriguingly, the Diary makes it clear that Alexander did not send Macedonian envoys, but Greeks. Did he consider it unsafe to send the very soldiers who had recently fought against the Babylonian cavalry?
so Macedonian and Greek are clearly not the same.
On the other hand, it can not be excluded that Alexandar is the Macedonian name by which the conqueror of Asia was known to his courtiers.
Out of this one can conclude that he had different name for Babylonians, one that we do not know, one that was Makedonian, very similar to Illyrian and slavonic.

Name Alexandar means Ale-dragon X-fem ander-other one, different from X
It is ususal in the past that sons of Virgins are refered to as Dragons.
MA-EVE also have roots in ANATOLIA, coins from Ephessus with bees read EF, spoken it would be EV or EVE.
Ma Eve is just mother Eve.
Name of Maeve is interresting because sometimes it is Ma Eve and somtimes Madb,
that Madb sounds a lot like Mad Bee as we all are today pushed to behave or bee hive
like mad bees runned around by mad banksters.
Ephessus could be written as Efesus and that Ef is again Eve, sus is sister
so that place was actualy called Sister Eve
while in Celtic "myths" she was called MaEve in kind and MadBee in unkind context.
Mother of Alexander is Olympia and from ancient Macedonian her name means
Ol=oil M=mother pia=drinks
or Limpia as in limping one.
Word Makedonia in sanskrit literarly means World of Mother
Makedonia is probably last country in the world that officialy believes in Great Mother and their church is expelled from both Greeco-patriarchick and Vaticanic-paedophillic club!
but in french and english connection with mace club is obvious.
This is how it is done, degradation on subtle levels, one creates connections and meanings trough repetition and connections of basic things.
What irony! from Mother to mace club! 

coins from Ephessus

Macedonian coin sample written in ancient demotic Macedonian script
that is almost the same as Macedonian today.
Which is NOT Greek.
PS not saying all is not Greek, just this coin.

translation from Demotic Makedonian;
translator; Vasila Moia

Ne vidim prvi simbol ali mislim da je JE Ze I Ze G; Je= E ( sprema zemjata oznaceno) Ze = Mlado Sonce; I= Prv ili I; Ze = Mlado Sonce ( Kod nas a i kod vas za mladozenju se kaze ZET ili ZETOT , a to je Mlado sunce - zato se kod nas i danas kaze da kad se uda nevesta i kad ZET dodje u kucu onda da je tu kucu ili DOM - OGREJALO MLADO SUNCE) ; G- Tvorac na zemlji. ( BoGoo je Dusha koja stvara ali na Nebesa)

Е Небесен Господар Горен На Јахве Прв Младо Сонце Прво : J = E ; OO = Nebesen gospodar ; Pa - Goren ( Gorni) ; I = Prv ; Na Joo I = Na Jahve ( Evrejskiot bog) Prv; Ze= Mlado Sonce; I = Prv 

GlavniMakedonski Svestenik na Pajonce je bio sa titulom PaPA ili u prevod GOREN GOREN. A glavni svestenik juznih Makedonaca ili danashnjih Makedonaca is Egejske Makedonie je GOSPODIN GOSPODIN, a to je titula koji danashnji glavni Makedonski Svestenik i Koristi

Levo: ЈООПаНаЈооИЗеИ --- Е Небесен Господар Горен На Јахве Прв Младо Сонце Прво  Десно : Прв Зе Прв Зе Г--- Прво Младо Сонце Прво Младо Сонце Творец ( ама во материја- на земја-- не е бог)

 between neolithic Goddesses one was surely a prototype of Makedonian shield
Most of the coins speaks of MOTHER or MAKE or META, mater, mada, mata, maja are just some of words used for mother.
MADA spoken english reversed is ADAM
On top is a coin with Athens, Makedonians argue that it is slavonic word meaning ATINA or "of the father" ATA=DAD
so seeing myth of Athena she is depicted coming out of her fathers head!
So, yes, what is considered "Greek" shoud be re-considered again.
I think it is slavonic Makedonian.
What I do not agree with is that Athena was of her father because FEM was first!
Also Athena is last stage of murder of our beloved Magna Mater or Medusa
(in Syria she was Metis, also as 
Atargatis under the name Derketo, known in Syria as Tirgata, also known as Dea Syria, 'Goddess of Syria'.
Constellation Draco is named after her.

Notice 7 dots scattered over pendant that is listed as Greco-Bactrian. 

It is clearly Macedonian which is NOT Greek.

All this is found in Makedonia or (Romania)Sarmatia and depicts Amazons.
In ancient Makedonian Maz is men and A is anti
and that change thesis of anti-breasts into ANTI MEN.

no Greece here.
Two very different countries.