Thursday, 20 July 2017


A haplogroup is a group of single chromosomes, or single DNA strands, which share a common ancestor.

Male Y-dna presentation shows that in case of race-mixing ,in this case R haplo all sons of his son will go on carrying same ancestral haplo R as basic single DNA strand to infinity or as long as there is male descendant.
His outer appearance will change due to influence of female Mtdna which is also a carrier of physical features such as colour, health issues, life span, height ,inborn ability to adjust to certain enviroment etc.
When every child is born, doesn't matter where on this big Earth, child will look like a mother or a father or both and sometimes it will look like some of the grandparents even!

Friday, 24 March 2017

PAGANS etymology

6th century Pagania acording to Ptolemy

Pagania was province of Dalmatia situated around river Neretva that is made out of 6 rivers flowing into one and creating fertile valley in between mountain chains.

Later in time it will become synonym for extermination of Pagans in entire Europe.

Crusades started in Europe as murder squads to beat Christianity into those that refused it so far.
Their first attacks are recorded on SE of Europe.
Macedonia's St Lydia was first christian women in Europe.
Macedonia is SE from Illyria or Dalmatia.

So first Crusades are recorded in Pagania, area around Neretva river where 6 rivers flow into one.
Salinas Price wrote a book where he situated Troja acording to Homers description.
A small town called GABELA was suspected not just by it's obvious connection with name Kybele but the megalithic towns like Daorson near by.

No wonder that these people kept their native belief so dear to them and resisted cruel and opressing Christianity.
The Crusaders tossed babies alive into fire or on spears.
In revenge to Paganians they cleared Dalmatia of children.
Acording to other sources this happened more then once but this is not confirmed, it wouldn't be the first case of obscuring documents from side of Vatican as well as falsifying them.
This is why word PAGAN is latin starting from Vatican terminology.

Attacks on Dalmatia, Salona which was ancient pagan center culminated in 16th century when Dalmatian Bischops refused to sanctify a Crusader,
Vatican sends troups and destroy Salona with dinamite/barut explosions.

To this day Pope in Vatican wears a ritualistic tunic called Dalmatica for special occasions.
Wolf got dressed into the sheeps clothes literarly.

9th century Pagania

10th century Pagania

Sunday, 22 January 2017


OV or OY extensions on coins mean HIS.
Today this form exist in Slavic family names and it comes second including fathers name; father Leon, son Ivan; his name will be Ivan Leonov plus family name of previous ancestor,
probably first name indicating a tribe.
Word Coin or Koine comes from Slavic word KOVAN metal.
Anything made in metal including coins is Kovano so that metal coins are always called in general kovan-ice (ice is deminutiv)
Kaleno is other word that is used in process of metal work but it means going trough fire - Kaliti.
Kal is Clay, also mud which indicates that burning of metal was done in ceramic ovens made of clay.

Illyrian coins FROM KING BALLAOV



Dmitry Donskoy coins 14th century, Russian coin

Thrakian King


NOTE; C is S, way before "Kirils" alphabet for Slavic people.

Lydian coin

Seleukid King Seleukos I Nikator

Vasilel Gaookleoy

Antiochus Grippus Coin


Indo-Macedonian king Menander (=Milinda) (r.c.160-130),
bilingual  Macedonian - Kharoshthi, also known as Gandhari

Ptolemaic Arsinöe II AV Oktadrachm. Alexandria under Ptolemy II, 253-246 BC.
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