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Etymology of the word SLAVS

Slaveni means Glorious in Slavic.
Slovo is letter.
Skla-Veni is combination of two different groupations Scoloti and Veneti. Scoloti are eastern Scythians or R1a haplogroups and Veneti are of I2 haplogroup or ancestral European male.

Insulting and probably demeaning intentions stood after naming a originaly þeow or þræl as slave so that it sounds like Slavs.

Slave, "to enslave," from slave (n.). The meaning "work like a slave" is first recorded 1719.
Later on Grose's dictionary (1785) has under Negroe "A black-a-moor; figuratively used for a slave," without regard to race.

More common Old English words for slave were þeow (related to þeowian "to serve") and þræl (see thrall).

In late 13c., "person who is the chattel or property of another," from Old French esclave (13c.), from Medieval Latin Sclavus "slave" (source also of Italian schiavo, French esclave, Spanish esclavo), originally "Slav" (see Slav); so used in this secondary sense because of the many Slavs sold into slavery by conquering peoples.

Sclaveni exist much longer, first left is Sklavinia.

Facsimile: Das Evangeliar Ottos III. : Clm 4453 der Bayerischen Staatsbibliothek München, ed. Florentine Mütherich and Karl Dachs (Munich: Prestell, 2001)


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  2. The second part of the name looks to me just like a doubled ending "-ovo/-ono". We have the name "Skl-aVo" and then we have another ending attached in the form of "-nia/ -inia": Skl-avo-inia.
    We see this kind of ending repetition in names like "Panonia" where: P+an + nia resulted in P-an-onia - with doubled -ov/on/-nia here.
    If "Pan" had remained with "-ovo" (before the V change into N), we'd have P-avonia (just like in Skl-avonia or Livonia). So, it is possible that it's just a doubled ending here, Sklavo + -inia.

    BUT, if Veni/Veneti are "ancestral European males" of I2 haplogroup, then how do you explain the fact that tribes/ nations of R1a males have been called the same way (Veni/ Veneti) by different folks? Even Russia is called like this till this day.

    1. Veni, Anti, Vandals, Veneti is full spectrum of the name. This batch was of rulling class to others, when you look at royalties-ruling class you can see always that same Dinarid-Norid phenotype.


  3. Such names were common in the past.
    In some of the old maps you can find multiple such namings in the areas where "I2" never put their foot on, no traces of I1 or I2 there..
    So, all these names came really from our ancestral females. VANI means "woman" first and foremost.

    But what is it that you actually believe?
    VANI are the DEVAS and both have the same enemy, the Asura, the Aesir.

    Do you associate the "I2" males with the matriarchal VANIR group?
    Who are the Asir for you then?

    Gimbutas link the Asir with the original Indo-Europeans, and that would be the northern R1a group. This would be confirmed by some of their patriarchal habits..

    But there are a couple of facts which contradict such theory
    -first, the Asian "patriarchal invaders" were often led by women or had women warriors amongst them fighting as equals
    -second, the Norse perceive the Asir as their gods or ancestors and the Devas as their enemies
    The R1a, on the other hand, worship the Devas as gods, and the Asir for them are as 'demons'.

    So, all this might be much more complex..
    But what are your thougts on this? If the I2 are part of the Vani, who were the Asir for you then..?

    1. 1. VAN to me stems from PAN or tree , PANenstvi means virginity also, mater adjective for folk
      BAN kingly title meant SON before it became title but Minerva was son before she was daughter of Xaire/Kcer/Xor/Hor - supreme god (in Egypt and Sumeria Ur)
      2. Vanyr is Van, Venet, Vandal, Ant a,d Aesyr is Assyrians (they were blond btw, by no chance they were Arabic in modern sense.
      3. Gimbutas got it trough and trough, she was really special women <3
      4. You have to understand that when you talk of two white races you must take female and male lines appart otherwise you are falling back into modern days folk against folk, it wasn't like this. Important thing about both white males is that they had same mother who lived on huge areas adjusted to the climate which dictated lifestyle and mentality.
      5. I think that Scandies are changing their mind up about this I vs R thing, considering their physical resemblance to I2 and it's rich past. Both I1 and I2 are very devoted to their familiar lives. Even their R1a is Ukrainian.

  4. Careful with that line of thinking - "climate dictating lifestyles and mentality" - it does sound true BUT most of the climatic and geological changes have been caused by humans.
    When you open a map and you see all those brownish-reddish-yellowish colors on it - for example the region stretching from western africa to eastern Asia - with deserts, rocks, mud and mountains, with no forests or greenery on it, all looking like a huge vomit - all the regions covered by these colors are ancient mines and quarries.
    What u see as the african Sahara - it's really industrial sand, there is no such thing as "natural desert" on earth, all deserts are results of mining. What u see as the Grand Canyon and its surrounding - these are just old uranium quarries. What u see as all those "dead seas", appearing and disappearing lakes, oceans with different salt content - all this is a product of ancient and modern mining..

    If you haven't seen this already then read this, it's an eye-opener, a must read :

    This can be difficult to believe but that's just how the things are.
    They turned the entire planet into one giant quarry. I was depressed for weeks when I first saw it.

    1. You are buying too much into popular slogans such as "there is too much of you" and general ongoing worldly slaughter, climate changed before but right now it is cause elite does it.
      Nobody can tell me that airplane trail that is turning into grey cloud is natural occurence, i do not know what's in it nor i'm gonna pretend i know, i saw it too many times to deny it.
      I just see what i see.

    2. I know about the chemtrails. I am not buying into the slogans.
      I know that climate changed before, the ancients said that the major change happened when the moon came into our orbit, that it changed everything, also caused a great flood, that only women died in this catastrophe, and others said that before the moon came into our orbit only females existed back then. This is what the ancients said about a major climate change time ago.

    3. curious..which ancients said both?


    4. I'd like you first to have a look at this video, I'll give u the timings, so u can jump directly to them:

      vertical walls in the lower right corner and the upper right

      same walls from another angle

      another structure, watch it for a minute
      the image at 44:40 is absolutely amazing, it's the best shot I've ever seen, really superb job

      This is amateur astronomy, channel of John, I could watch it for hours. And the structures are parts of military bases. This is really fascinating stuff.

      As to the moon-flood story, there is more than one source, I will write about them later. As I see now, this story is also in our own slavic myths, something I didn't expect.

    5. Concerning your question about the source - as I said there are many, I just had to look into it again. There isn't one that tells the whole story, u just have to put them together and a picture emerges on its own.

      Starting from Bolivia, the courtyard of Kalasasaya - the symbols on the megalithic wall calendar show that the present moon came into our orbit between 11.000 and 13.000 years ago, and the planet had another moon before. It's been described by two researchers, Allan and Bellamy, they published a book about it in the 50's, they gave all the details.
      I haven't read the book, but the megaliths are tightly connected to the Matriarchs of the past.
      Notice also today's researchers link the period of ca. 12.000 BC with a 'rain of meteorites' which allegedly caused an ice-age.

      Amongst the ancient authors there is a whole bunch who wrote about the moon being new, there isn't one that wouldn't write about it.
      Aristotle, Plutarch, Ovid, Hippolytus, Hippus, Anaxagoras, Apollonius and so on... All wrote that there was a time when the moon wasn't here; some said that the only people living before the moon were the Pelasgians.
      Apollonius of Rhodes wrote that before the moon only the Pelasgians existed; the race of Danai and the whole generation of Deucalion appeared only after the moon came to our sky - notice that Deucalion is linked to a cataclism (flood) - and the cataclism is linked to the moon.
      The euro-asiatic patriarchal warring tribes were in fact called "lunar" by some.

      Stephanos of Byzantium wrote that "before the moon, only females and the Arcadians existed". He took it from Hippus of Rhegium whose works have been "lost". Hippus wrote about women in a very positive light.

      Southern-american tribes refer in their legends about the times when the moon wasn't here, in those times they lived freely, without any laws or religions.
      Finish legends also tell about the moon.

      The african Zulus say that the Earth used to be always green with eternal Spring, there were no seasons, a pleasant place surrounded by a watery mist - then the moon came to our sky and caused a cataclism, the mist started to rain down causing a deluge. Only after that women started to have menstruation [because they lost their parthenogenetic abilities].

      Jan Knappert in his "Mitologia Pacyfiku" describes a legend of Fiji tribes which speaks about a great deluge when a huge "orange" appeared in the sky. All people died; other versions of the myth say that only women were killed during this flood.

      The 3rd Book of Baruch says that thousands of giants were killed in the flood - the Slavonic version says 104,000 died, the Greek version gives the number 409,000 of killed giants.

      Anna Wierzbicka in her "Semantics" speaking about the Pacific regions gives as example a short saying of theirs which goes "There was a famine, no salt and only water - only women existed then."

      The Moon by us (and by the greeks) was called MARA, she was the one who brought first Winter and this is where the tradition of "Drowning of Morana" comes from, they drown the Winter and want to bring back the Spring:

    6. Continuation:
      I knew about Mara for years, I only wasn't sure if it refered to the moon or to Venus, because both used to be called with the same name. This name gave us slavic words like death, clouds, snow, freezing - all based on the stem M-R.
      The moon was seen as a second-sun, a night-sun, NIGHT-MARE, Nocna Mara who brought death and ice. With time women forgot all this and started to even worship it. Especially when they started to bleed and they noticed the cycle was similar to the lunar orbit time. But it wasn't always like this, its orbit was longer before, which is described in the 3rd Book of Baruch and other myths.

      A Serbian song tells of a cataclism, where the moon is not here, and when it appears, Venus starts to rage across the sky, page 616:

      Velikovsky wrote about Venus being the cause of a cataclism, he also wrote about the moon. It seems that it was a major cataclism which involved both. Your idea about the testosteron-producing plants was brilliant, but notice that they need cold climates to thrive, and cold climate was caused by a catastrophe..

      Other slavic myths which tell about it are the myths of Lel and Polel - chasing each other in the sky and causing first Autumn and Winter to appear; it's Lato and Polato, Lelia Menelia..
      There are other things but I will just stop here. You can clearly see what the ancient wrote and said about the moon. There is something very off. Now, do you see it or not? because it's very clear.

  5. I forgot to mention, in the second link which I gave the guy talks about a nuclear war a couple hundreds years ago - ignore it, please, it's not important in this contexts, just scroll down and read further - what is important is the scale of the mining done on this planet.
    The brown/yellow region which I mentioned earlier - is of course the muddy belt of land stretching from the entire northern africa - Mauritania, Libia, Egypt, through Saudi Arabia, Iran, KAzachstan, China, Mongolia - all these countries are basically old giant quarries. This refers to basically all lands - Italy, Greece, Turkey also (where the 'gods' have been seen for the last time, right?) - also entire Syberia covered with mountains - if u zoom in on the map, you can still see those semi-circular holes in rocks done with the rotating excavators, they are still untouched by erosion..

    All these activities can obviously affect the climate, not to mention other things.. We also have to remember that the geologists who analised the soil in the northern, Syberian regions have discovered rests of plants that today grow only in the mediterranean climates. This means that the North used to be a warm, pleasant place to live some time ago..

    VAN as PANNA, PANIEŃSTWO - well, this is what I was talking about. VAN is virgin and also woman. But Van IMO doesn't stem from PAN, because "P" came later, and the "V" is primordial.

    1. "because "P" came later, and the "V" is primordial" - hehe this made me chuckle a bit, we are at the same page here but P used to be reversed U for much longer then phalic modern P.

      I know that Sumeria and Egypt were green and filled with waters in their time, also that North or Hyperborea was livable before they came to Troia or later Illyria , they brought Sun God with them, which is only logical thing considering that those that live in warm climates take Sun for granted.

      I agree on mining issues, what is hidden deep down should stay there. Humans in general allow themselves way to much and to adjust everything to their own not just needs but silly desires and this can turn very bad on the end.

  6. As to the haplogroups, taking apart male and female lines - this is what I am also trying to do, but the problem here for me is the question of what kind of genetic relation, if any, has the modern human with the giants of the past. Some sources would suggest that we r related to them or even that we r their smaller, diminished descendants; others describe the giants and humans as seperate lines living side by side till not that long ago. This is really problematic to me.