Friday, 29 April 2016

Lion Goddesses

..ever wondered why is Virgin Mary celebrated at zenith of Leo instead of Virgo?
Cause she is Great Lioness or Magna Mater.
Her name was kybele, Mother of Troja amongst others.
Myth says that Kybele was rasied by lionesses and it seem that this myth was common to a wast ancinet cultures of all kinds.
Allmost all Goddesses of old were Lionesses.


Carthage, Tunisia

Artemis / Diana temple guarded by lions, Ephessus


 Persian Goddess Nana



Kybele & Attis


Rhea - Titaness


Syrian Goddess Atargatis right- lion throne with distaff  and sceptre  
- left side her consort Hadad. Tetradrachm of Caracalla, ca 215 CE.

The three daughters of the god Hubal - who is renamed Kybele
 From left to right- Al-Uzza, Al-Lat and Menat
Al Lat will be Allah in future.

Of the distant past of humanity we were informed in one sentence, maybe two that world was ruled by Matriarchy and swiflty subject was turned to endless wars, Kings, rulers, Gods etc. Luckily not all is destroyed but most of them are DEMONISED by the following rule of he-King, Emperor, Warrior which in turn made of me a Worryor cause that firm hand guide us into endless spin of wars, murder and sacrifice. He wrote HIS-STORY, stole it all from her and walk around as pee-cock and if that wasn’t enough he called HER a demon – Lucifer!
Circular Artemis temple in Ephesus have for example only one colomn left, errected in the middle of the sad ruins, sticking out, reaching for the sky just like all other falluses Masonic FAT-HERS proudly errected on their path of distraction.
Her names; Kybele, Cybele, Sybele, Earth-goddess Gaia, Minoan equivalent Rhea, Corn-Mother goddess Demeter, Frygga, Isis, Diana, Kali, Aphrodite, Medusa, Ishtar, Asherah and many more…

Demonisation or Sin use to be word for Moon.
Zionists wear Moon's original name. NANNA
note that Moon Goddess Nanna is todays word “SIN” and Durga/druga means “SECOND”
demon is someone who is removed from the Moon and Lunatic as crazy also connected to Moon.
Kybele (Cybele) is in words such as Kabbalah, Mer-Ka-Ba and Kaaba cube in Mecca.