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For I am the first and the last.
I am the honored and the scorned one.
I am the whore and the holy one.
I am the wife and the virgin

I am the silence that is  incomprehensible

SaNTa = SaTaN

I can serve you with whatever I want but unless you admit that all evil comes from unpure heart and not some image that religious fat-hers use as an excuse for their evil deed as a Scape Goat or Devil to blame and/or buffer between them and us to get all the punches instead of deserving ones.
Acording to He-brew Baphomet is a Scape Goat, one to blame, nothing else.
It has been over 10 years between this first definition I found and today, point in time where I'm writing this, in hope one day, one new generation will be ready to see all this with eyes of wonder, eyes of purity, untainted with religions, free of beliefs using only their Goddess given senses.

This time I will avoid complicated symbology, their twist in time and confirmations I got checking all major religions and scripts. Baphomet is present one or the other way in all of them, oldest is in China or Hindu, it is hard to say which is older and where did it start exactly but my guess is China. Understand that once and not that long ago if you have in mind all "unliterate" testimonies of our past we all spoke same language and there was no wars nor pollution. It was when she - the FIRST women lived. She was original firstborn of the Mother Earth. She was both, male and female, the complete being and even if you put this two genders to-get-her you will still lack main ingredients she was made of.
Looking from todays perspective is not going to make sense. In your heads fed with lies you think you evolved while sad truth is we devolved. And proofs for that are all over this planet. Don't think running water and electricity and your gadgets are inovation or progress, it is congress. (love playing with words) What is in the words? Words are energy you emit with your own engines and curses cleverly hidden inside them, they are a sad roam you create with each word you say. In this sad game of ancient alchemy first to cast a spell on humanity were Hindus. When they transliterated and "perfected" grammar they incoded the language. Old oracles filled with wisdom were writen on birch bark, then re-writen in different grammar, divided in four parts and last part is added including Mahabharata and Bagavadgita. It makes five of them, five for each part of pentagram. That wasn't enough, pentagram is reversed upside-down and its parts set into "cunt-roll cycle". They finished picture off with Ourobouros, a snake that bites its own tail. It is a spell bind that doesn't work like in cartoons, it is given to you to chant it, to repeat it, to make it happen. You have no clue who you really are and how much power you really have. They do. They have been watching you for millenias and found a way to get you down and keep you there.
What you are looking at when you look at Baphomet is your Urmother, being that passed you a life you posses today. That goat/ram head is there to disguise her identity and to be feared. When I look at her I am only sad because she lived our paradise lost. She trully is the Fallen Angel. And when I say angel I mean angle, a point of view you will never have, we moved on further in our free fall.
All old books speak of androgynous creature and call it a he which is a lie, prahistoric caves and sites are a living proof SHE was FIRST. His scriptures didn't make you any better, look around and you will see. But again, it is not enough to look, you have to see.
In all his lies he is not that far off in a way cause he IS a part of her but we all know who gives life and who takes it. One that takes it is your "heavenly fat-her", that jealous bastard that killed its own child, not just killed, torture, pierce and left it hang up there for millenias right infront of your eyes working on your subconscious in order to justify its murder - OF YOU! There is a third party in all this and I will write about them in appart chapter, their extended arm is what we call Law and Order that is developped out of religions, law and order set upon a Chaos, meaning her, meaning us, the people.
Moses and his gangbangers give us rules that speak more about them then us. I don't think of killing, I don't think of stealling, I don't think of rape... BUT THEY DO!
She said "Do what thou willt", only a pure mind can say something like this, live, be happy, enjoy...and she did! My, did she knew how to live, she loved food but she didn't kill to eat, first women were vegetarians, she loved to sing, to dance, she loved beauty, she carved a living rock and levitated blocks to build her temples, she didn't sacrifice no being except men when he appeared again. I guess men will never forgive nor forget male "sacrifice" and now he is making her pay and pay, humiliating every female on his path to this day. He was equivalent to a child with four arms if it happened today, he was different and malformed in beg-in (malformation and deformation - I rather use word unusuall).
She was PART-HE-NO-genetic and only female can be born healthy this way. So just forgive her because you are still part of her and she is part of you, stop killing her already! For you are killing yourself.

Whole spell is done on a women , the first one that didn't needed men to have children, the one that built Parthenon, the one that fought them back, the Amazon that they raped and raped and killed her children until she give birth to the boys.The church paeders chopped her head off and placed a head of a goat on top, a symbol of a horn of plenty she called Cornucopia, a symbol of fertile Moon. They make her unrecognisible hoping we will never find out the truth of our origins but allas, skeletons are out of the closet. Men must know his origins too because he is her other half and also because of this one sentence from Nag Hammadi;
"We will seed her with ourself so that she can never reach her light again and whomever she beget WILL SERVE US"
This is going on to this day, make no mistake about all this religions and societies.
They are all based on this. Girls, you have a hell infront of you, aware or not it awaits you. Time is high to protect yourself and your daughters, only flowers of life in existance.

Overcoming does MEAN
Controlling interaction

Baphomet cross

it is a heavy spell casted on her

Goddess Sati or "Shri Sainath"

Virgin Mary with cross
of Baphomet on the top of her crown

very interresting video from a person that study languges and their twists
Baphomet is lost in translations
Several Translations 

and a last becomes first...
Omega is first

Quan Yin - Kwan Yin or Chinese Baphomet
with knot of Isis
around knee lenght

Quan Yin - Kwan Yin or Chinese Baphomet
-symbol above her horned hand is symbol of Ophiuchus - 13th constellation on our sky now dating between november 29 to december 17. This constellation is purposely kicked out of our Horus-scope same as perfect 13 Moon fases trough the Year.

-a "U" for Urn (Holy Grail) with a wave thru it ...  Ophiuchus was certainly part and parcel in "the beg-inning" of ASTER-OLOGY as ordained by the MANSIONS OF THE MOON - (Houses) which are 13 in number, according to the lunar phases -- 13 per lunar year, til SOL took over the harem.

-in old times when Godess ruled Ophiuchus was a baby with ambilical cord, before he renamed it in snake wrestler

-I found this Supreme Godess acompanied with lions too same as Kybele, 

-on other statues and depictings she holds 5, 6, 7 rays,8, spiked throne, hand sign of Baphomet, snakes etc, all of the Mother of Gods symbolics ,Venus shell, Phoenix, bunnies as Ishtar, Lyra, Turtle etc

my favourite Baphomet
Buffy Ann Summers
BAS as in BASTET the Great Lioness
Baphomet Summerian Anu

author: Lizzy Bluebell
(c) Stanis E. Vanous.
The TRUE mean-ing of the symbolism encoded in the figure of the Goat of Mendes otherwise known as "BAPHOMET" is here revealed for the first time, abundantly clear.

As is common in the genre of Nursery Rhymes, country folks have hidden much in faery tales to protect and preserve truth from the wiles of the Church, Inquisitors, and 'special agents' etc.

Unfortunately, over time, the meaning hidden within these code rhymes is often lost. This poem's hidden meaning has puzzled me for ten years. Today, with the help of this image of Baphomet and some intuitive etymological research, the encoded message hidden in the tale of Miss Muffet and her Tuffet has become crystal clear.
(At least to me. Smile).

Eating her Curds and Whey (watery milk curds)
Along came a Spider (spied her)
Who sat down beside her (bee-sighed)
And frightened Miss Muffet away !!


When you MISS - you do not catch, cache, or cash-in!

The only related English word I find for Muffet is MUFF, a noun meaning a bungler, a stupid fellow, otherwise as a verb; to BLUNDER or FAIL to hold the ball, a MISS-take in a BALL Game. Smile.

Otherwise MUFF relates to French MOUFFLE, as a thick mitten or MUFF which translates easily enough into English MUFFLE;
As Verb.
1. to WRAP up, so as to CONCEAL.
3. to deaden the sound of !!!

As Noun. 2. A CLAY OVEN for firing POTTERY.

In both meanings above, I detect occluded sexual references:
MUFF stands as a euphemism in English slang for the female vagina, while 'having a bun in the oven' is slang meaning 'to be pregnant'.

Furthermore, I intuit biblical ADAM as MA-DAM, or adamah as the RED Clay or forming SOURCE ma-terre-ial from which WO-Man is formed. (cf. Chinese WO, WU, Nu Wa, later become NOAH).

I also see a Witch's Poppet or CLAY DOLL made for casting spells and manifesting. Thus I see all scriptures as magick spells.

At this point in the revelation we can slide over readily to compare Moufle/MUFFLE with a Mummi-fied Egyptian corpse, or dead body in wrappings -- thus as a MUMMY. Immediately, and hardly occulted at all, yet nobody sees it hidden in plain sight, Mummy appears as MOTHER, but also as Mot-Her or mote-her, or as a speck of adamic red dust; mote from Latin mota, meaning a SPECK as in SPICA, the ear of corn carried by the VIRGIN; SPICA is the astronomical name for the brightest (alpha) star in the Constellation Virgo. Virgo is associated with snakes (Hindu Naga), thus she is also related through her ESSENCE or ESS-ential Self (ESS = S, E = Energy).

Thus VIRGO (this word in Latin actually translates as MAN!!) is the Vierge, The Beginning, The Font, The SPRING, Fountain, Lady of The Mountain, Olympian Oracle, The Virgin, The Mother, the Source of Life, but rendered into obscurity and occlusion, tossed away as dirt, relegated to the rubbish heap, removed from the pantheon by patriarchal monotheism; to be spuriously identified with wrapped-up or embalmed or covered-up dead bodies!

MOTHER as shortened into the English word 'MUM' means to KEEP SILENT !! Thus Mother is wrapped in band-ages, prevented from seeing; she is concealed, S-mothered or SILENCED.

(etymology and definitions; Funk & Wagnalls, 1961)


Hebrew TOPHETH means ALTAR
..Greek..TOPOS.... means PLACE
..Latin... TOFUS, TUFA, Deposits from Springs, Streams ..Italian..TUFO, means SAND, GRAVEL (cf. specks, spica)
English..TUFT, a collection of small parts - HAIR, grass, FEATHERS (cf. Ma'at's feather) held together at the base; a clump or KNOT, a CLUSTER of THREADS (cf. CLUE of thread) drawn threw a Quilt or Mattress*.

*Nota Bene: MATRESS:

One who would understand the meanings hidden in these ordinary everyday words would do well to study a dictionary for the meanings and etymologies related to the word MATTRESS; ((matrass, <Fr. matras, < OF. materas <Arabic matrah, a bolt, as in bolt of cloth)); basically a MAT either to walk upon, or a cloth SACK stuffed with HAIR, for lying upon. (cf. Woman also as a euphemistic Bag for lying on.) Arabic MATRAH means a place where something is thrown - thus a similar concept to the "Rubbish Heap" mentioned below.

Mattress In my particular and peculiar dissembling lexicon becomes MA'AT TRESS; the tresses of HAIR belonging to MA'AT, or a Tress or CURL of her hair. This is an occulted reference to the shape of the alphabetic letter C as a COMMA, and/or COMA, also note: C=Crescent=Moon=curvi-linear form, as femininine, femme in 9.

COMA (also cf. a state of unconsciousness) means a small CURL of Hair, identified in Astronomy as COMA Berenices; a tiny constellation of stars representing a CURL or LOCK of Hair belonging to the Ro-Man Empress Berenice as a Goddess. Situated near Virgo or The Great Mother (Matrice) of a thousand names, Virgo is The Virgin Queen, cast into Astrological Skylore or SKYWRITING as the Constellation VIRGO.

TUFFET can etymologically and logically be connected rather clearly to the word Mattress as a mat or pillow for sitting or lying on, perhaps even as a prayer mat in a place of former worship, an ALTAR now altered, relegated to the Rubbish Heap of Time; a TELL such as the Heap, Hill, Mount-Ain, Tell at Amarna, or Catal Huyek.

TOPHET is part of the Valley of HINNOM, near Jerusalem, formerly a PLACE (Place < Greek, TOPOS) of "idolatrous worship" but later a site used for BURNING RUBBISH in the style of desecration often used in the past, as well as in the present, for hiding and desecrating former altars, shrines, and holy places belonging to cultures which have been subjected to genocide and/or absorption by invading cults. Such is the way of this war-led World.

(c) Stanis E. Vanous. 

One more Santa wit Baphomets cross
Her name is Sveta Petka or Pre Sveta Paraskeva
Pre Sveta means before world
Paraskeva means Ur old Wolf
Petka comes from number FIVE=PET


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