Wednesday, 27 January 2016


For very long time most if not all nations and races are struggling to prove or claim (rightfully or not) so called "high civilisations" and acording to this ideas to ascribe themselves bunch of epitets such as  "true kings" "aryans" "the best" "highest" "godly" "pure ones" etc
and to prove that point they all go to show massive structures of the past,
others claim writting systems as sign of "intelligence"
well - WRONG !
in all casses
because if one doesn't understand a TRIBE completely
in a way it has became,
what constitutes tribe as living entity,
hows and whens have no real background to a claim
and all idea just collapse in itself.

When you take a look at prehistory what you will see is following;
Drawings on cave walls of animals and women.
Sometimes with children
and priestesses, lots of them.
Pristesses are mostly Horned "deities".
What is missing on large scale is a male and when he is in the picture
he hunts or is engaged in war.
Villages were huge ,male figure was absent, prevalent figurines are those of mother and child alone, all this regardless of race, in fact male figures are so rare that they question existance of males up to some 4000BC for Europe and aprox 7000BC for Africa.
(i have been generous with numbers in both casses)
Absence of male figure questions "reproductive" ways too that we take for granted.

Prehistoric findings show some extremely brutal attacks and disperse of these massive villages.
This is common to all races and all continents.
Out of cave to a clay house, growing crops and raising children is a matter of a mother.
Often depicting of birthing mother is explaining a forming foundation of a tribe self.
What you see is what you get.
Mother give birth to several children
They give birth to others so basic constitution of a tribe was a family.
Family without a father figure.
So that very begin of any house was a mother and her family.
Mother made a house.
Mother is "the house"
Mother made flesh.
Mother is "the Queen Mother".

This basic rules of any royal house are to be seen all over the Earth.
Regardless of future "development"
(development is questionable thing, just check the trail of garbage)
term Royal House is tight with Tribal.

one of best known royal names is Elizabeth who is carrier of Queen Mother title.

who is eL?
who is God?
how many times El is a Beth?
God is a House?
yes, she is House God.
in a tribes each house had a God.

this is one meaning of Elizabeth out of many in just one name.

Consequent to this waste picture of our early beginnings is a following conclusion.
There wasn't any massive movements of nations at all
what happened was that men moved
men didn't had home
men hunted
men made wars.
And they still do...

Once a house is built and tribe becomes large one need a larger house.
It took millenias to come up with idea to build a "large house".
This large house needed peace, long term of peace to happen and many generations was waiting for that gifted one. Ideas are individual and yes, we are different and some have more gift then others.
So it is infact not a nation but a few special ones.
Those special ones were amongst tribal mothers.
Woman built this world from scrath.

and today we have folloving;

mayority is less gifted
those with ego problems are less gifted,
not all less gifted are ego-maniacs,
some less gifted are joy
Inventions are distructions.
(atom bomb is "invention"...seriously? O.o)


  1. Finally you've posted again :) Thank you! I visit your blog very often, was waiting for some activity. I have a question though, and I'd really like you to answer. In one of your entries you wrote that the Vatican was created by the Dorians. Could you please elaborate? I tried to research this topic but haven't found any info on regard. I mean, yes, some mention that one of the Ptolemaics influenced the compiling of the earliest biblical texts but that's all. no more info. So how was it really? Did the Dorians create the Vatican (and the judeo-christianity)?

    1. It is not that straight-forward but as consequence of chain of events Absolutely yes, Dorians had major influence in creating of church institution as we know it today.
      To go in depth I have to untangle all ancient civilisations, translate much more then i did so far and I don't post here cause I'm working on it.
      Good news is that I found out that during "Byzant" (orthodox christianity) Mother was still a God, not Jesus.

    2. Also story from Torah about "god" creation of 72 languages out of one is actualy story about Ptolemai, he did just that. It went in stages.

  2. But there is also an earlier sumerian account on a god who mixed human languages, it was Enki if I remember well. Many of the jewish stories were taken from the sumero-akkadian accounts - the myth of the "adamic rib" for example, from which Eve was "created", comes from one of the sumerian myths about Ninmah and Enki.

    When it comes to the bible, there is an author, Roger Sabbah, he wrote a book about the Jews and the Ptolemaics. I haven't read it yet, not sure if you heard about him. I am going to get the book and read it soon.

    Btw, I noticed that you write much about the Slavs. I am a slavic woman myself and am interested in this topic very much. I don't know if you are aware that the so called Aryans were of slavic descent themselves? The ones who invaded India. They are of R1a1 (male) haplogroup, Z93 subclade, a "mixed" slavic branch. The highest castes in India have the most of this hplgroup (while others, more dark-skinned lower castes, are mostly of dravidian or asian descent, no R1a1). Slavic languages are also the closest ones to Sanskrit, which is just another confirmation.
    Unfortunately the aryan scriptures are ones of the most misoginistic books ever written. I was shocked to know this, and I wonder if all slavic tribes were once as patriarchal as the aryans were.

    1. yes, off course, Akkadian language supressed Sumerian and Akkadian was so called "lingua franca" while Sumerian was natural language. It happens when rulers set the laws, they change language and in case of "crime" they call on what is written, we live that today.
      hahaha, you are correct about "aryans", i loathe them completely and this is the reason i didn't wrote a thing on aryan issue. What I found so far was disgusting.
      Sanskrit is over 65% Slavic and I have to make a mage with my own findings, actualy entire Rig Veda would look different translated in Slavic. I know the base, the how, the who, when it ended up in India and China.
      What you odn't know is that white people inhabitted almost entire Asia, it is well described by all ancient writers and these people spoke slavic-related tongues like Tocharian for example, a daughter is kcerka for example..i have massive archives, just have to decide if I am going to publish it.
      I speak five languages and study all others, living and dead! :D
      I also have firm belief that once upon a time we all spoke one language, most of languages are anagrams plus application of Kabalah and Grimms laws they all come down to the same. I found other letter-keys switches and systems but that is still work in progress, now it is on pauze. :)

    2. Yes, and I think this whole 'Proto-indo-European' language should be called Proto-Slavic instead. So many things would be cleared up in linguistics if the academics accepted Slavic as PIE. It should be obvious to every linguist, but somehow no connection is made! Looks suspicious to me.
      And when it comes to sumerian, have a look at this:

      Emesal, this was a women's only language (dialect). Women had a language known only to themselves and incomprehensible to the males. It is clear that they wanted to encode their knowledge and hide it from males. And it shows how much solidarity and cooperation must have existed amongst women back then. It wouldn't be possible with nuclear families and other male institutions. The women must have had real social and political power in those times.

      But thinking about both, Slavic and Sumerian, I think that Slavic developed later than sumerian (and then gave ground for other IE tongues).

      And I know about the whites in Asia. I mean, I only started to understand it. Here is a link for few hundreds old maps for free download, on many of them there is Grand Tartaria, it seems it could have been one of their 'empires':

      www .

      But the main question for me still remains, what was the culture of these white people? Was it matriarchal? Or were all the Slavs just like the aryans - strictly patriarchal and cruel?

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    4. Thanks you again for help!
      I know about Tartaria, it was Scythian and Russians just started coming out of their closet, there are such fascinating records that have been kept away with cold wars and sanctions not to blow all covers off this fake His-Story.

      Name of Russia to this day is Venäjä in Finlandish language. (Vendi, Veneti)
      Those names are very important, they reveal TRUE like nothing else.

      I am making lots of typos today, much deleting and correcting..

    5. Sanda, this stem is visible also among the most popular russian names - iVAN, Ivona, Vania, Ivanovich... In the 70's we had a toy for kids called Wańka-Wstańka, often made in form of the russian Matrioshka :)
      I was just checking it, in the nordic myths there are also the Vani (Vanir), gods of agriculture. In southern myths gods of agriculture are called Rustic Gods.

      The name 'Russia' is commonly explained also by the Finnish name - Routsi - for Sweden. Allegedly some swedish warriors created Russia in the 9th century. But I found out the name Russ is much older than that and it appears in very ancient sources under different names - Ros, Rus, Rosh etc. often refering to 'the country of north'. It is not only connected to agriculture ("latin" 'Rus' - 'country') but also to color red. Rusy, russus, rufus, rosso, rudy/Ruthenia, ryży, róż, rhusioi - all these mean 'red' or 'ruddy' and sometimes refer to 'blond hair'. Russalki were beautiful nymphs/women with blond or red hair.
      This is very strange, the connection with red is there but we can't see many red heads among Slavics nowadays.

    6. Etruscans real name is Raseni, Egyptians were of the race Reth, not to mention all this Slavic states under name of Raethi, Rassi, Ko-Rushka, H-Rvat-ska, Serbian Rashka, Germani was under that name ,same as Austria and Swiss...also they have R1a which is Slavic normaly.
      Scandinavians are Slavs by their history, linguistics, their own language and old Norse Edas, actualy those Edas are very correct, they describe Trachian period to the tooth.

    7. Do you have any picture of Wańka-Wstańka maybe?

    8. found it, thanks, very interesting name...

    9. The name of the toy I mentioned is "Wstańka" because it was set in movement and had to regain balance, Wstać-Wstańka. And Vańka comes from Vania and it shows how this name was seen as typical eastern-slavic, even though it wasn't the toy's proper name.

      I was thinking about this red hair thing.

      Remember when I wrote how women used to be named after those small animals, Weasels, Łasica? In Hungary they were Menyet, in Italy - Donnola, in the old Poland young woman was called Kuna, Weasel.
      I thought that maybe it had something to do with the animal's color - weasels are often red, ruddy. Just like women used to be called "Białka" - and Białka (Biełka) is the russian name of similar animals - Squirrels. Squirrels from the north have white fur, that's why "Bialka" - from the colour bialy.

      Red squirrel in slavic is Wiewiór, Werwera, Ververica and similar. And it turns out that in latin weasels- Mustela, were also called like our squirrels - Viverra.

      What is interesting, 'uncivilised barbarians' in greek were called Barbar/os and in neo-greek they were called Warwar. But Warwar is our name for squirrels and the similarity is even more striking when we look at the old persian name for squirrel - "Warwara", it's exactly the same.

      I think that the name Barbarian is connected to Warwara and both are connected to a reddish color. We have plenty of examples where entire groups of people are called after animals, like in case of women - weasels.

      I checked if there was any linguistic link between the stem WR/BR - as in Barbarian/Warwara/Ververa and the color ruddy. And there are many indeed:

      BURRUS in latin is a "fox-like color", ruddy. Bury in polish.

      BORdo and BURgund is reddish brown (name of a red wine is also BoRdeaux)
      BRązowy is brownish

      BRoczyt, BRocz, BRoszt, BRot, BRunet, BERas - among Slavs all these refer to red/brownish. BRotić in czech is "czerwienit sie".
      RaBarbar, BURak, BARszt refer to red plants in polish.

      PUR-PUR-RA, purple is red. And it resembles 'barbarian' in Linear B, written as pa-pa-ro.

      And look at the north african ruddy Ber-bers. It's the same thing and it seems all of it, Barbar, Berber, Purpur, Werwer (squirrel) come from the same stem (I don't get why the doubled sound though).

      Have you read this one? 1700 mummies found near Cairo. All of them are white skinned, blondes and redheads, but why buried separately?:

      Anyway, these people were called 'barbarians' mostly by the Greeks. We know now that modern greeks are different from the ancient ones, the modern ones are mostly Turks displaced very recently from Turkey and they have nothing in common with the "ancient greeks", it seems..

      So who were the "ancient Greeks" really? What other people were they related to? Where did they come from?

    10. This is the best thing you wrote so far! With your permission I will add this to the article "dark shade of red" with your name of choice, best if it is your full name because this is just brilliant and it shouldn't be attributed to anyone else. You have some serious talent and enough discipline to detangle just about anything.

    11. "Greeks" were Axayans or Askayans or Scythians (blond-blue eyes mostly,tall) which are today so mixed with the redhaired race that it is impossible to draw a line in between. This line might be drawn only between MtDna and Y chr Dna. Female line will be redhaired for most.

    12. about separated blonds and reds yes I know, had no time to add it yet to above article and who knows what else sit in my archives that I forgot by now.

    13. Of course, you can use this in your notes. You can ascribe it to "JJP Anna Zaleska, a polish friend" :)

      Something I forgot to add earlier - in slavic there is another term which bears the same stem (BR/VR) and is connected to colour, it's BARWA.

      BARWITI (Barwić) means 'to dye', BARWNY - Colorful; Barwinek is a plant used for dyeing. Barwica was a name used for 'lipstick'.
      The term seems to relate to many different colours, it's very meaning today means just that, "Colour" in general.
      ('Barwa' was known as 'Varwe' amongst germans and today it's changed into Farbe, Farbowati etc.).

      I think that all those slavic words based on BR which relate to red, brown, blood etc. are linked or derive from PR which we see in names relating to fire, hotness, burning - Piro, Parzyć, Par, Piernik, Piper, Perz, Perun and similar. I have seen this similarity in other stems relating both to fire and color red.

    14. Thank you! I will use it and you are very talented for this kind of work, really rare talent.