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letter E = letter Ж

Symbolics of fertile delta in its purest forms over metaforic meanings to distorted symbology of today. (peace symbol)
first left is Mara or Mokroska - moist fertile earth
Kybele with double trident
Akkadian Munus or Vulva
peace symbol---upside down vulva MEANing devoluation
Poseidon trident is only half of much older Kybeles or Maras tridents
prahistoric vulva symbols includes todays letters Y and V
Chinese trinity Goddess with double trident or cirilik letter Ж.

stylish trident-vulva with nicely marked clitoris
prahistoric rock carvings
Fish symbol (note; F is hair comb, E is also hair comb)
Dogon Orion or Akkadian Uruanna
Kybeles double trident and Lyra-string instrument.

there is much wider variety of vulva symbolism that is not on this picture but when I was child I would draw lower parts of girls like ( Y ) and that Y and V is most prominent as first prahistoric letter symbol. What was a sound I don't know but later periods such as in Mesopotamia and many others sound was bound to C Z S SH CH ZZ Ж and similar hissssing sounds such as snake and electricity.

Sound is difficult to coin with symbol because of confusion and reversal in languages that was done on purpose.
In Kemet letter E was feather of Ma'at and in Armenia Holy letter E was connected with Virgin Mary and was gammadian swastika letter.

In 301 Grigor started building a temple dedicated to the Virgin Mary. When the temple was completed in 303, it was called Echmiadzin, which is translated from the ancient Armenian language and means as "only-begotten descended".

Gammadian - Lunar Swastika letter E

Origin of shape and sound might come from a sound prahistoric women heard when she combed her hair with fish bone, she heard a cracking sound and saw sparkles, her hair was lifted in the air and she connected it with lightnings and thunder that was followed with much needed rain thus water.
Shape of fish bone such as F E was probably a hissing sound.
Connection between fire and water as transformational point prahistoric women recognised in her vulva that was/is a portal where all life, body and soul comes to being so therefore 
trident/vulva shape on old goddesses. 

Vinchan Goddess with vulvas
Vulvas in 4 directions forms double trident or cirillic letter

Serbian flag with stylised vulva simbol that looks very much as pelta shield of Amazons
and also labrys (labia-vulva lips)

Amazon Pelta shield

Amazon Pelta shield

(lingua twist; svrbiae version gives ITCH or/and ICH, reversal gives CHI or vital energy of Mother Earth. When writters give stigma value to a meaning one have to reverse it or anagram it to get its real meaning. Word meaning alone is mean and mean---evil and greedy----one should stop to think of english twists and spells.)

Tartarian tablets and letter Chi found on Helm in Bulgaria
predate chinese Hanzi by 4000 years.


From all animals snake is the only one that with its body movements, coiling into spiral and hissing sound represented energy of fire and water.
Water when she moved in waves and spiral as transformation coil thus fire.
Todays versions of halved tridents are numbers and letters 3 W E M B
(maybe 3 womb)
note; B is half of 8

Cirillic letter SH is

Collection of different alphabetical shapes that look like trident and string instruments such as Lyra that can produce sound. Prahistoric women were miracle, they understood matter and water better then science of today. They knew that all matter and so called 4 elements exist solely out of sound or frequency. Only water describes water-matter pattern just by casting pebbles into pond, one will see waves, beautiful flower of life and tiny vortexes at the places 
where pebbles hit the water.

This is a flag that Nikola Tesla made for his country divided and in pain.
He knew he comes from iLYRia - Illyria or coctail of nations that use be called Yugoslavia. Maybe he also noticed this mock with YOU-GO-SLAVE that Morgans and Rotschilds of this world promised.
Or maybe they know that one of oldest tribes on Helm was called Eugani?
Their messages are always multifold.

a double Trident or sacred letter E in very front, very similar to the one of Kybele.

Icons of the Tam Toa Thanh Mau

Virgo symbol is made up of trident M and fish-Rho () petal of flower of life.

Hayrik alphabet
Hayrik means haystack
Armenian Swastika letters
one of my favourite sources of inspiration.
more variations of letter E or hissing sound

It is close to impossible to decide which sound was attached to tridental form of letters but if it is that superold myth of egg and a lightning then a sound must be sharp and hissing.

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