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EGYPT = KuMaT meaning BLACK

" ...What I hate is ignorance, smallness of imagination, the eye that sees no farther than its own lashes. All things are possible. Who you are is limited only by who you think you are... "

- Egyptian Book of the Dead
ancient Egyptians call their country Kemet!


Mdw Ntr:

Km.t.[nwt] = Black 

Kmt > Isn't a single ideogram = Contrary to what people believe it doesn't mean "black land or black soil" that is a misbelief. It literally translates to black and only black with a following determinate.

Nwt > Ideogram = Refers to a settlement or anyplace (of whatever size) that belongs to the natives.

For example under Thutmosis I in the New kingdom Kemet expanded to the south of Kush to the Euphrates therefore it was all a part of kemet during the era.

The reason they called their nation [Nwt] black [Km.t] is because of the belief system of blackness being sacred to further express their connection to sacredness. It is purely symbolical and spiritual and is a widespread belief throughout Africa.

What does "Kemet" mean?

"Kemet" (keh-MET) is the term ancient Egyptians used as the official name of their country. (Sometimes they also called it Ta-mery, or "beloved land.") Kemet translates as "Black Land", in reference to the fertile banks and fields surrounding the Nile (black from the soil). In contrast, "deshret" is the term for the "Red Land" or the desert (a modern term derived from "deshret") that surrounds the fertile "kemet". By using the term Kemet instead of Egypt, we refer to the country by the name its own people called it (Egypt is an English form of the Greek name for this land, Aegyptos, itself derived from Coptic hi(t)-ka(u)-ptah, "the house/temple of the ka of Ptah").

there is many myth about ancient egypt like land of blacks as kemet means ..

 In the past three millennia, for example, Egypt has been ruled by the Kushites, Libyans, Assyrians, Persians, Greeks, Romans, Christians, Arabs, Turks, French, and English. as a prime cradle of human development, in some sense Egypt indeed belongs to all peoples.

Sphinx is regularly a She-Lioness,

also that Napoleon broke ladies nose in his "conquest of paradise"!

"In 1889 the Chicago White Stockings and All-Americas exhibition baseball teams enjoyed a global promotional tour to raise the profile of the sport.

During their Egyptian leg, the teams took the opportunity to clamber over the Sphinx for a portrait.

The All-Stars and White Stockings had a friendly contest to see who could give the Sphinx a “black eye”. They all took turns flinging a baseball at the face of the Sphinx in an attempt to hit one of its eyes!

Thankfully the popular sport of Sphinx abuse is no longer encouraged.

This baseball card shows the players sprawled out over the paws, chest and legs of the Sphinx."

measuring Eye
(makes me think of Slavic expression for measure "od oka" - 'from the eye')

Eye was used as a measuring tool in masonry
beside Ma'ats feather for weight of heart.

Title of HAT as "Foremost" or "Great House" is avoidance to admit connections
with Goddess Mother.
If it looks like cat and reads like HAT, it is a CAT/KAT!
H is interchangable letter with origins in K and it is also interchangable with G,H,C,Q,J,Y,I depending on area in the world.
Origins of K is Cygnus, great cross, in between of legs or in split of Milky Way firstborn is Ka or + or Spirit very often presented with Bird in all cultures all over the world.
It is also Winged Disc.

Linguistic tics

word SHEPS as noble lady---Medusa in Chinese is DIE SHI---she being her
 and in Persian SHE is a she, in Kemet she is SHEPS 

from SHEPS
if you convert P to F - you get SHEFS or CHIEFS

and in dutch SCHEPPEN is verb for creating.

Snake that does Ssss
Shhh as silencing sound


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    1. Tyfon or Set is also Hyperborean Goddess Aimos also turned into male in some acounts. There is hardly any records on her except for Eos-Rosy-dactile or pink fingers one.
      I am also busy for the moment with exact same thing, timing....

      Swastika, acording to me was anouncer of something, some mayor change and it may be a comet as well, not sure what exactly..
      Oldest swastika's are on Helm or Aimos I mentioned (later Haemus) and they appear now and then long before Central Asian Scytho-Aryans came to existance and when they did they had swastikas on every damn object you can imagine, so it is logical to conclude that older swastika announced CHANGE of something..
      Real founders of Egypt are Brygians and Pelasgians, predessors of Hyperboreans, then Trojans then Illyrians/Thracians/Macedonians/Raseni(etruscans) who brought Sun God Dyonisus with them, there are records of clashes amongst these two cause of Dyonisus.
      There may be answer somewhere here and also symptom of wrong dating of old civilisations, i am also trying to figure this out.

      KuMat is probably Cow-Mother cause there is a figure that represents Egypt as Lunar Cow.

      Hyerogliphs are wrongly translated after Champolion, I caught lies so many times I can't count no more, even scholars noticed it.
      There is also ongoing white washing of all cultures but I can debunk them all without one word, picture is enough.

    2. I wrote this in 2013..and since then learned so much more, yet that first quote stays actual, nothing changed since. :)

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