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Moon in all her Glory

Number 13

Moon was called Sin in oldest of times and Queens build temples to honour Moon so they wore horns, symbol of crescent Moon, Moses had horns cause he was from Sin-Aj or Moon Mountain, most evil organisation in the world is called Zion/Sion/Sin cause they knew about Moon power and they use it till this day in Wall-Street cause Moon governs water or current-cy. 

13 notches ingraved on the horn are 13 lunar months and 13 fertile Lunar fases in a year.

Scarab/Kheper as parthenogenetic bug
is acompanied with Moon and Venus.

13 dots, 13 months a year

1776 is a year of forming of Bavarian Lodge
one side is represented with Solar clock
and other with Lunar 13 chained circles as in Olimpic maner.

Virgin Anasazi

MEN still think this is all about him. However picture speaks for itself. 

It may look like a banana, but this curved device is actually thought to be the world's oldest pocket calendar. 
Archaeologists found the calendar in Serbia and believe the moon-shaped device is around 8,000 years old.
It is made from the tusk of a wild boar and is marked with engravings thought to denote a lunar cycle of 28 days, as well as the four phases of the moon.

The archaeologists believe ancient man would have used it to work out the best time to plant and harvest crops.
The tusk was found in an area close to the town of Smederevska Palanka in eastern Serbia.

Professor Milorad Stojic from the Archaeology Institute in Belgrade, who made the discovery said: ‘We believe the engraved tusk represents a moon calendar.’
‘There are 28 miniature triangular indentations carved there.
‘It fits into a pouch or a small bag so, yes, it can be said that this is probably the world's first pocket calculator.’

Professor Stojic said the area where the tusk was discovered represents one of Europe's most interesting archaeological sites from the Neolithic period and was a centre of religion 6,000 years ago.
Aside from farmers using the calendar for crops, Stojic added it could have also been used for family planning. 
‘Lunar calendars were used since Palaeolithic and Neolithic times,’ explained the professor. ‘But never before have [archaeologists] found such a good example like this tusk in Smederevska Planka.’
Although the device is believed to be the oldest pocket calendar, it is not the oldest calendar in the world.

In July, archaeologists in Scotland discovered what they claimed was a 10,000-year-old date organiser.
A group of 12 pits excavated in Aberdeenshire apperared to mimic and align with the phases of the moon, making it possible to track lunar months over the course of a year. 
The first formal time-measuring devices were thought to have been created in Mesopotamia about 5,000 years ago.
The pit alignment near Crathes Castle predates those discoveries by thousands of years, experts said.
The Mesolithic monument at Warren Field is said to have been created by hunter-gatherer societies ten centuries ago.

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Lunar Swastika in the center, 4 seasons (probably) and 13 Lunar Months

13 "arrows" around left figure
Harrapa; pic bellow
Lunar calendars are most Natural from dawn of time, Moon is our sky clock, our Mother that rules the waters on Earth, that tells us when to seed plants, can you do this or that and last but not least our very existance is closely connected to this majestic Lady if the Night trough our mothers periods of fertility.
She allows us to see and follow all of the stars and then stars will tell us seasons and dates that are closely related to our very life.
13 perfect Lunar months in a year are exchanged with 12,
13th is sacrificed.

This is "La Aguada" 900 AD, South America
This Lunar Goddess that rules Waters is presented as if she is crying.
After men took over Sun symbolism while Sun smiles
female deity Moon is usually represented as crying.

28 days of Lunar cycle

Prehistoric Lunar calendar 13 dots. 

Mayan Calendar is based on number 13.

Minoan Axe Labrys was used as Lunar calendar

Lizzy Bluebell

 - the lunar waxing and waning of the MOON is what Wall Street economic cycles are based on - see how the figure indicates the COAGULATING effects of the Dark Moon and the FLOWING effects of the SOLVENT (SOL-vent?)
Full Moon (as a Crescent symbol).

additional on number 13;

Mars have 13 retrograde movements in a year

There are 13 constellation circling around Earth

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