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At this vase on the bottom you can see Athena and Perseus slaying a Medusa, but why would they depict Athena slaying herself?
No wonder nobody understands nothing from this "myths"!
Twisted symbolism makes one give it all up before you even start! LOL

What the wRITEr or RITUAL maker of this "Myth" wanted to say is that a time of Parthenogenetic Virgin Mother Goddess was gone so the wRITEr give Athena imaginary husband - Hepaestus, who was infact a lamp or male fire symbolism, duality have begun, same one you see on the checkerd masonic boards and floors. She could of been much worse like Hera for exampl married to that no good, cheating, scumbag Zeus that infact brought all women into era of misery and marriage cause men can't have children but he have strenght so he forces himself on her in order to control her sexuality.

as in pater, paeder, fat-her
and that makes Perseus a Farceus a FARCE!
Chrysaor could mean golden Chrys or talking Chrys as in Chrys-ORAtor.
It is the same cause they say that
but he speaks, others RITE.
Infact in ancient times and I don't mean Roman Farce silence was a MARK of GODDESS, today it is known as Glottal-stop but that is subject for a-not-her time.
There is no enough data on him but just enough to confirm that idea of Christ is way older then it pretends to be.

interchengable letters are T into D thus T=D
T is old and represents Crucifix, PI and Hex-flower of life (all of this in Greek only)
Greek Tau Τ that is based on He-brew Tav תּ to was introduced as duplicate code as Delta 
Δ  and Daleth דwith hidden MEANingsDelta Δ = pyramidDaleth ד = gallows
into D which is a half of a whole O picture. (meaning female gender)
Way older Akkadian had that Delta or triange pointing down so that during time D have been twisted as if it was nailed on a wheel and give it a spin a bit. Observing change of the letters over times and epoques same method is done to all letters, numerical value was changed, symbol twisted and it's true meaning got perverted.


The ancient pictograph for woman (munus) was a fertile triangle. This triangle is not isolated to the ancient Samarra culture, but occurs all over the ancient Meopotamian, Levant, northern Africa, Aegean Sea territory, up into Old South Europe and the Anatolia territory. This fertile triangle becomes a part of latter writings systems, such as the letter D, in our modern alphabet.
Redhead Goddess,Vinca,Serbia,over 7000 years ago.EU and US military dumped two years ago radio-active waste cause SHE was proof of non indo-european ancestry but real european. There is a complete script registrated and saved for ones that want to know
the real Her-Story.
With some luck I might get decoded script.


Perseus slaying Medusa-Horse

Alexander "the great" lived in times of Matriarchy and he fought Indo-European invader that was coming from eastern countries where matriarchy was beaten to pulp and Goddess Mother desecrated and demonised.
On the bottom right is original shield of Alaksandas from Mothers World. As you can see he wore Medusa-Matis-Mother on his shield to protect him. His succesor Perseus lost entire Emporium of Majkedonia and Mother to "Romans". It is not clear to me what and whos name Romans took in this case cause many years later so called "Roman" Emperors had their statues build in Ephesus under protection of Mother Medusa, Artemis acompanied with Goddess Nike and such. It is clear that none Christianity nor Roman empire didn't happen as we are told.
world of mother = Majke-donia
click on speaker to hear its pronaunciation, this is exact name of Makedonia
When you know what is behind a NAME things become painfuly clear also the fact that last country with Mothers name is in the middle of the battle to keep it.
My suspicions are also that original name of Majkedonia was Mysia or similar to it because Majkedonia is sanskrit and Europe wasn't conquered yet. They spoke Illyrian and Etruscan at these territories, no way in hell it was Indo-european.
This page is excerpt from Cambridge files on ancient worlds
 and a bit on RENAMING is in the text.

Algol Star
Rosh Ha Satan
Hebrew point of view

I love that Hebrews loved the pun!
If god is like an apple orchard that makes HIM a devil!
And I agree!
The thing with word NUT is that is usuall name of Sky Goddes Nut, Nuit and all other versions of the same name.

If belief in Goddess was called "Synagogue of Satan" this death of any hope to rebuild Jewish nation is true because she was original Jew or Gall that is known to serve as priests at Artemis Temple, they have been everywhere where Hebrews were and key is in their  name Scythians or simply SKIT as root word. This word means one that wonders around and have no land! In slavonic tongues! And we know who is not allowed to have land, those that knew that Earth is for all living, those that believed in Goddess!
It is MEN that started drawing borders and killing in the name of the country and riches!
I believe that it was Gallic men that measured distance by JOD-EL-ing that introduced all this crap we have to face today. Many Jews are infact red-haired.
J = G
+ = K = G = J = H = C = KH =Y = I-symbolic
Polish language shows how does L becomes W and vice versa.
ł = wThey also call Galls ---- Włosi from praslavonic volxъ
Roots of this word is in Vol-Bull and Os-Ox
They split somewhere on the road so Celts of today are those that carry on with Goddess aka Paganism and other part became HE-Brew the stew with unbelievable stench and went on with distruction of everything fem.
This is the reason why witch hunts were targeting mostly red-haired people and women.
This is also the reason of the extreme oppression of Celtic, especialy Irish in silent slayage.

There is a thing with letters I
there is Fall-us eye I-kapital letter
and there is small i decapitated
that is reflecting on every single one of us as silenced one.
There is also loads of stelas where her CURVE turns to his I.



    Redhear goddess,Vinca,Serbia,over 7000 years ago.

  2. I know about Vinca very well, entire site is covered with radio-active waste cause SHE was proof of non indo-european ancestry but real european. Everything is a farce! Roman Empire especially! I am collecting proofs for all this but for now but my main objectiv is WOMEN and her role in His-Story and her complete degradation and manipulation trough everyday language. That is a complicated to explain but I'm doing my best.