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It does have a shape of Gallows Tree

Happy International Day of Peace!

Peace Day? Or a Piss Day? Or a Piece Day?

Here I go again…

You have to understand that I’m not type of person that will lay my bag of crisps in between adds while I’m getting brainwashed, give you a fat, smeared kiss seasoned with chem-dick-tive salts and tell you; Did I told you how much I LUV U? – (in deep voice)
Surely some of the people at my page meant it, they posted a load of exclamation signs next to it in order to strengthen the intention but someone else posted this video so I took a look;


no explanations to why
no reason
just cause Hitler used it is not a reason enough
to me anyway

I went searching after that symbol after a juicy chat with my dear friend at Facebook.

This symbol was worn by WOMEN that---
and I quote;

This Frauenwerk Badge is a triangular shape that has a black enamel center and silvered borders. At the top of the insignia, in red Gothic writing, are the two words that describe the group, “Deutsches Frauenwerk”. The Frauenwerk were women who were working in factories under the control of the RLB. This insignia would have been worn on the lapel of the uniform. The black portion of the enameled triangle has a silver Life Runic symbol and on top of the Runic symbol is a sunwheel swastika. The enamel is still perfect throughout the surfaces. The reverse has a safety pin style catch, and it is marked “RZM M 1/105”.

Some of them had slightly different meaning such as

This is the large style Deutsches Frauenwerk badge which as you all know was the organization formed with woman who collected money for Party purposes.

Here is original link in case someone wants it

In short it was NAZI organisation that forced women into free labour and instructed them to raise their children as future nazis. I think idea of FEMINISM was born here and not in US and much later? This was organised and set to motion October 1933.
Feminism is nothing but a Trojan Horse set in motion to deploy women into paying taxes and states will dick-tate you how to bring your children up so they can serve the ruler one day better then you did.

 Back to the SYMBOL
I will repost this short conversation with a  brilliant assessment of my dear friend Lizzy B.

L:  Yes, this is SPOT ON, have warned people before on Peace Groups here that this sign
does not mean PEACE. Clearly it is an upside down figure of Christ on the Cross.
Can you also see the image on the left as a variation on the theme of the PAGAN THYRSUS, without the vines, which was an early Dionysian or Bacchus version of the CADUCEUS, but now one which is appropriated by the Medical Establishment? 
The Swastika is looking like a Pine Cone on top. Also, it is a variation on the theme of the EGYPTIAN ANKH which is also a symbol of VENUS in astrology !!
This is a mini article to post right away so these peacenicks 'get it' .
me: couldn't it be just a fork?
-look, this symbol of a Christ is wrong anyway because of longer vertical line, older crosses in greek times were all equal lenght. Cross mutated many times and i dare say it have not much to do with swastika but with its travesty. This also is seen way many times in prahistory, it looks like tree branch to me, maybe upside down Asherah?
-swastika to me is one thing but cross very different....cross developped from Ma'at wings of Cygnus with large HORisontal line while swastika is a well, all that she is....
-The cross as in X does mean and I divide as you said before

L: Okay I don't have your little book of words so some of your references are obscure to me - 'cross developed from Ma'at's wings of Cygnus' -- Cygnus as the constellation? 
Asherah/tree upside down ?? 
You say "couldn't it be just a fork?" YES. But not ONLY a fork, also a TREE, as you see, and the other things I mentioned above. 
It gets very complex. You have to separate the THING from its SYMBOL. The head of an OX = Aleph = A - because when turned on its head, A is the symbol for an OX head in Arabic -- this we have examined before. 
So X is part of the word OX -- but the O and X also become the symbol of a WHEEL with the X inside the O -- and the WHEEL goes way back to the first inventions -- Chinese Wheel Woman and the Compasses for drawing circles belonging to Nu Wa (Noah). 
BUT the OX, as an animal, becomes the BULL, which is a masculinised version of the COW as the MOON in the original Hindu White Cow symbolism (Milky Way, the Vishnu story of spewing foamy sea, etc.) -- the symbol later attached to the BULL in patriarchal cults. 
But in Astrology, the Bull was attached to TAURUS. Now the word Taurus sounds like, and can be seen as, the word TORUS (donut shape) -- so now we are spinning off with modern terms to replace the old terms (New Lamps for Old, 7 Wise Virgins story) with NASA and its B.S. about all these symbolisms, which NASA is rewriting, just as Astrology is rewriting itself !!
It is so important that we get this out while we still can!!!
The WHEEL and its MOTION involves the ROTA, as well as the Swastika, because any SPINNING WHEEL is mesmeric in its FUNCTION, just as the ROTA or Operator's A Magic Cube is mesmeric in its function within our own brains. 
Back to the FORK: Anything with tines is a fork, But the only figure who carries a fork is the upstart Greek sea god Poseidon/ Roman Neptune (eye see pen-nep-tune) -- Walker says he was greedy for earthly kingdoms, and stole territories from the goddess. He pretended to marry the triple goddess Amphitrite and demoted her to a sea nymph. He is the one who forbade men to continue taking the surname of their mothers as they always had done. He claimed he was Mare-Demeter's husband because he raped her in the form of a stallion.

me:  Brilliance striked you toDei?
or is it Demeter self?
for it is her iDeia toDea!

L:  This Gordian Clue of Thread is really unravelling fast now - insights have gone exponential !! No wonder Alexander just slashed it apart -- but HIS WAY WAS THE EASY WAY OUT -- WE are UNRAVELLING it - we can Pass GO and inherit ALL OF ASIA ... Hahahaahaa   Along with the fkn ma-Son's TOW ROPE -- with only TWO ends !!! he he he.


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