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ICA Stones of Peru or Pebbles Diary(hea)

Men looking trough perfectly shaped telescope

Quote: Men performing "heart transplant" or C-section,
it is hard to say cause of the hook in his mouth
Unquote! LOL

But men fights a dino with a hammer
that dino can swallow in 1,2,3

Men is using his statement of technology loupe
to observe craft of his ancestors

Earth map from these times!

few more samples of Ica stones with even groves all over the pebbles he used as "his diary"!
look, bottom right is fork of Poseidon with anaconda he had for lunch that day!
It all happened around belt of Orion!
Orion conspiracy!!! :p

Tampering with evidence of our past and especially past of firstborn - fem-in-9 

Lion Man or Lyin Man is a question now!

Ice Age sculpture estimated to be between 32000 to 40000 years old was hidden, neglected, reassembled twice and yup! finished 2009 by a man named Joachim=JOKE-HIM!


excerpts from the article;

To the Bronze Age, there is no representation of the human male. This is because there were not there, otherwise they would quickly visualize and invent a male pantheon. As they have done since their appearance on this planet. Male human mutation appears only around 4000 BCE. Patriarchy knows that. That is why the Patriarchs buried alive, burned, stoned, strangled, one way or another, all women that can give birth without human male. The human male on this rock carving is a fake. The male is drawn with straight lines and schematic, while the animals are drawn in a curve much better invoice line. The drawing of the male is much later representations of animal origin. Perhaps this is the drawing of an archaeologist in search of prehistoric male representations, as in real life, there are none! Grotte de Lascaux, France.

That's why he invented marriage, to starve and beat the female. Our grandmothers were not allowed to eat at the table with them, they mangeaint their leftovers, chicken carcasses and brains of rabbits. Yet they are the only ones that need iron and protein from meat, while males puff out all the meat and leave them nothing.

 As mitochondrial family has endured, prosperity, solidarity, sharing, community of goods continued. As soon as the invaders on horseback, the men from the steppes of Central Asia (Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan) to "remove the women and their wealth" (constantly mentioned in the Iliad and the Odyssey), they introduced the concept of forced marriage (women abducted, kidnapped, raped, suffering multiple pregnancies esclavagées). The men were therefore obliged women to reproduce in large numbers, while the female body was starving and mistreated to be reduced in size, and atrophied basin incapable of giving life.

San cave art in Ukhahlamba, Drakensberg Park, South Africa. The paintings are difficult to date, but there is anthropological evidence, including many hunting implements, that the San people existed in the Drakensberg at least 40,000 years ago, and possibly over 100,000 years ago

and they say --- 
difficult to date but I would look up for Disney signature 
around somewhere! 

Story of Creation
(flip side of the coin)
Nebraska Man ,1922

Some archaeologist found a tooth at some prehistoric site in Nebraska. Based on this tooth entire humanoid was constructed, it's habitat, habbits, everything in detail up to his horoscope sign even.
Science knew everything about this creature in a chain of evolution.
A place in museum and history was made for him.
And this story lasted up to a day that one vetenarian ,specialist for pigs visited museum exhibit and discovered to a scientists
that it is a tooth of a pig!

This story is true, scientist's name is Henry Fairfield Osborn.

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