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For the sake of sanity I went looking for reptiles in the forgoten past tenses of His-story and there they were, Godesses with snakes, first with one snake and later, closer to our Dias,Days,Dan's,Deus of Monoteistic Cain's, Canaans, Gamesha's gods-dogs with "extensions" appearance of two snakes is noted. 
David Icke's "saga" of reptilians is nothing but a mega size puke.

an article that quite well explains Snake Goddess from;

from the dialog between Melisandre and me;

According to a legend accredited by the Arab astrologer Albumasar to 850 ACE in its Introductorium majus , there are three Hermes. 
-Hermes is the first grand-son of Adam, he lived in Egypt before the flood. 
-The second Hermes lived after the flood of Babylon, he knew the philosophy, medicine and arithmetic, he was the teacher of Pythagoras. 
-The third Hermes lived in Egypt, he practiced medicine and natural philosophy and alchemy he invented. 
Between them, they have invented everything!

Hermes is HER MESS 

Philosophia to me means
Fuck Sophia!
cause Paedo-phills are those that "love" children....
also Phillhipos as full name of Alexander Macedonian fat-her means "fuck wHorse"
referance to all Amazon Alquippes and all white Mares thus wHORSES-Whores-Kurvas-Curves.
Asclepius makes me think of ASS-Cle-PiuS or Arse-CLE-Pussy
like ass as new key-hole
while before it was pussy and key was ANKH.

A canine replaces Isis Sothis.
I think that DOG as todays dog, same as cat is made in Egypt as Chimera, same as males.
For cats and males I am sure cause cats DO NOT have natural ancestor nor any trace of small lion; not even bones, it is just theory that cats have natural african ancestor.

All Goddesses before Bastet were with lionesses---not lions! (hair is difference) and some time later Bastet appeared as CAT.
It is the same with old European Wolf Goddess, dog appeared later and became popular with Anubis.

Melisandre; The question is : are cats and dogs there before 4000 BCE or after ? If they are before, we invented them, as well as we invented male human mutation (Pandora box  )...

---For example, the Sun is gold, dog or lion, buttercup, chamomile and sunflower.
---I think that Lions are never representers of Sun because they are night animals, Wolves howls at full Moon but a dog is day animal.

I am sure cats and later dogs are invented in Egypt in Chimera periods. 
Chimera as symbol came after first pure symbolism in Babylon and Kemet, later Scythian symbol as well.

it just hit me that english "the" is Theo or Dea, the Goddess...

Temple of Dendera's Isis temple with one snake is whitness to maybe older times than noted on the picture discription.

'Creation of the cosmos in Dendera's Isis Temple.'

Some of the most famous images from the temple at Dendera portray human figures next to bulb-like objects reminiscent of oversized light bulbs. This one is located on a interior wall of Dendera's Isis Temple, which is a separate building located south of the main Hathor Temple. Similar images can be found in the crypt beneath the southern wall of the Hathor Temple.
What we witness here is the creation of the cosmos, in the form of an elongated bulb. It springs from a lotus-flower, which was the first object that floated on the primordial sea, according to Egyptian cosmology. From the flower also appears a snake, which is equated to the rising sun and the god Harsomptus and which is enveloped by the cosmos. Harsomptus is also present in human form, standing behind the bulb and his ka (living essence) is kneeling beneath the bulb. The cosmos-bulb with its sun-snake is supported by a Djed pillar with arms, symbol of stability.
The Isis Temple dates from the first century BC. 

Mother Godess Voltumna
Voltumna or Veltha was the chthonic (earth) deity, who became the supreme god of the Etruscan pantheon, the deus Etruriae princeps, according to Varro. Voltumna's cult was centered in Volsini a polis of the Etruscan Civilization of northwest Italy. The bond of the twelve Etruscan populi was renewed annually at the sacred grove of Fanum Voltumnae, the sanctuary of Voltumnus sited near Volsinii (present day Bolsena), which was mentioned by Livy. At the Fanum Voltumnae ludi were held, the precise nature of which, whether athletic or artistic, is unknown. In the Roman Forum, near the Temple of Castor and Pollux stood a shrine dedicated to Voltumna in the Vicus Tuscus. He was the equivalent of the Roman Vertumnus.

Pompei - House of Iulius Polybius

statue of winged female demon in Sovana

Mycena Snake Goddess

Skylla Etruscan Snake Angel Goddess
Snake represented Water since dawn of time.

WATER and Frequency behave the same
WATER is Frequency thus Matter
AIR rides on water-frequency waves
Matter-EARTH is water
FIRE appears in intersection of circle waves
All is Water.
Comparison of patterns leads right back to ancient "Flower of Life"
There is infact never enough info on water but this one kinda summs it up!

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