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The Alphabet vs. The Goddess

His-Story says these picture represents hunt scenes but from what I know about these scenes is that taken out of contest such theory is easily bought unless one starts observing ALL carvings, scenes etc and that starting from goddess of old.

-first one with chimera is obviously not hunt scene but symbolic scene
-second one have solar swastikas next to men and water symbol and Rho next to deer and btw I have seen so many deer goddesses that there can't be any confusion at all to what this really is.
-third, most complex shows blond or redhaired men (hahha "greeks"-not) with a dog killing deer with HER weapon-labrys.
Moon looks somewhat like the bread called PAN-crescent moon shaped, remember androgyn Pan? and line of horned goddesses? in slavonic languages pana is women and liszba-lice (lice-pun) person, same as in Babylon.
These guys are Herkillers, killers of line of androgyn pan, first women and they ineed killed her every way possible.
On the top it says GNOSIS EPOXSEN ,not sure about second word, might be Gnosis Epics...

-on this "greek" thing---i am surprised that not more people is questioning origins of so called "greek" because people on their stelas look nothing but nothing like real greeks. I have seen plenty greeks, beautiful race but with dark skin and very special shaped eyes, neither language nor looks is greek.

 a coin of Constantine showing his labarum spearing the serpent.
On top is ChiRho, her symbol of vesica pisces and flower of life.

People of the old times when fem had her saying people were more realistic. They looked into the nature and behaved acordingly.  They have been very familiar with Moon and how does it influences their own existance and crops and all living, not to mention water so Moon naturally became her Goddess, why she Goddess, it is because fem knew they were first on Earth so they nauraly assumed it is a she. They looked into their mother and were gratefull for life she gave them, they didn't had a concept of heavenly fat-her cause he didn't exist at all. Then mother would look up to the stars and seeing the night sky she assumed the power of the Moon must be way greater then the Sun because Moon is in company of much more powerfull stars then our Sun, Sun was standing alone so this is how she interpreted her world. Surely seeing all that stars she was aware of a complex, more intelligent being so this is how Goddess have become. Everything in her world was based on gratitude for what we have, they had no high "spiritual" tendencies because they were full, completed spirits already.

Patriarchy killed the Goddess and established god-male. That male took all her totem animals and turned them into male variant, like cow into bull-y, all her stories that she oraly passed on, he wrotte on whatever medium that was and ascribed himself all of her powers and stories of the origins of fem kind. He introduced suffering and masochism to the common people while they had to serve the kings and priests and die for them while they forced fems to give birth to more of their servants. In this process that we call tradition ,honour and religion each ruler drew the lines, invented new language in order to divide people even more and then made them kill eachother off in the name of ...what the hell ever it was! Their mercinaries-males have been welcomed to life and with their first staps indoctrinated to fight for what they have been brainwashed is their country, honour etc forgeting who gives and nuorishes.

Punishment of Juno

Matriarchy was celebrating a boy all over the world, Virgin with a boy is world wide "myth" that in reality speaks of out true origins. Women created men out of her own body.
When boy took over he greeted his sister and mother by placing himself high above them in heavens proclaiming her a Material Prison and himself of course unseen, high up there Spirit Sanctus that can shit on our heads hiding behind long robes and temples.
But in reality he has done nothing more
then what a transvestite would do if he crushed into your wardrobe! :p

He took her snake and turned it into mockery, said she is a demon while it is him who de-Mooned her cause he called himself a Moon-men, took her Sun and calls himself a son, Sin-which is Moon in Akkadian he give a mean meaning of something bad and it keeps going on in "conspiracy" of today trough people like David Icke that keep throwing dirt on "reptilians" trying to fool public into evil snake and dragon symbolism found on all sites troughout the world. He took her snake and turned it into dragon cause he ascribed two out of four elements to himself; fire and air. Dragon is fire and Eagle air. Dragon is best found in Chinese symbolism and Eagle in American and all partiarchy bound countries except muslim Quran where Eagle is the worst of the Jinn while word Jinn alone holds Gene, Xena, Gen - one of the terms for a Fem or Hor which are original (ora-gene=spoke-she) names she give herself. He smudged them all; fem into fem-male and hor into whore.Her snake represented with letter S is turned into I-fallus-eye, a ROD of rule.

Athena surounded with cloaked males rising her shield and  spear , tripod at the ground infront of her.

The Alphabet vs. The Goddess Lecture by Dr. Leonard Shlain

The Alphabet vs. The Goddess Lecture by Dr. Leonard Shlain

This is a picture of Apophis being speared by Set.
But the way you pronaunce Apophis is 
*ʻAʼpāpī,--------> a daddy!
a shit fat-her took that name from HER! again!
Kybele and Attis attacked, did he betrayed her?
notice that speared snake, that is a fem, that snake, her first and foremost totem animal.
It is a dollar sign too. $

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