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ILLYRIANS are Slavs part 1

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Swedish map 1899 shows that area wider then Dalmatia was still considered as Illyria in these years.

Sclauonia - Schianonia - Sclavonie
Illirijus - Schiauo - Esclaue
Hungarian Gabor Pesti
1538 y.
Illyrian language is slavic language at 1538.

German lexicon of Illyrian language, year 1840.
Illyrian is language of South Slavic branche.

Illyrisch-deutsches und deutsch-illyrisches Handwörterbuch (etc.)

sample of "Danica Ilirska"
from year 1840
signed by
Nikola Boroevic
Ilir iz Like (Illyrian from Lika)

from Danica Ilirska

Korushka (Slovenia and Austria today), 
Krajina, Poland and Russia are all ILLYRIAN speaking people.

From the Illyrian-greek dictionary made by Gergely Dankovszky,1836.
(when Greece was already in draft of making by Brittish.)

Illyrians are Slavs
Vendi as name is equated with  Illyrians.
Illyrico-Serbicum is used in sense of Illyrian Family
Rodb is full old slavic word.
Srbi-Srodbi-Srodbni-Rodbina-S Rodbina
Skrb is one of old derivatives of SK-lavi -SKoloti SK-iti (Scythi)
Poland was called Sorabia at one period meaning Srodna-Familiar.

Illyrian - German grammar

Illyrian is Bosnian, Dalmatian, Hercegovinian, Illyrian in Hungary, Montenegrin, Ragusan (from Dubrovnik), Serbian, Slavonian, Sermian and Croatian.

Noah was making wine in Illyria.
Saturn in Crete.
Baccus in India.
Osiris in Egypt.

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