Friday, 25 January 2013

CALENDAR = call-ender and/or Cauldron

It is important to set records curved as they are in Nature.
Calendars are not exact nor science,
they are someones or from group of rulling people I-Dea of the sky lore that is today indeed very telling of how much someone wants to be mistaken for Gods- Planets and Stars.
In "pagan" times stars had more practical role so this is why all Goddesses of old are asociated with animals and plants, cycles of life and joy and death.

Horoscope = Horus-Scope

Drunken Astrology

There is 13 constellations thus 13 horoscope signs "Astrology tells us that the sun is in one position, whereas astronomy tells us it's in another position," says Joe Rao,'s skywatching columnist and a lecturer at New York's Hayden Planetarium.

There is also 13 perfect Lunar fases troughout year plus one day out of time.
New Year use to bigin in spring with E-Queen-Ox.
Equinox is NOT 21 march.
All that one have to do is to measure lenght of the day.
This year equinox was 31 january 2014.

Mars retrograde from Earth
eliptic trajectory of planets?
Mars does it 13 times in a Earth year.