Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Great Sphinx of Egypt and War of Genders

Great Sphinx comparison with Khafre have a quite tragic background of deliberate missinterpretation of ancient cultures.

Sphinx is older than Khafre, 

nobody knows how old Sphinx really is.
Hor Em Akhets Legs are in the Ka position.
Hor Em Akhets
 right ear is the Medu Neter for One God,
It is a stroke for One, and an ax for Neter/ God,
inside a square(house) for Home or birth.
Hor Em Akhets
 is more older than Khafres Temple.
way older!

 T extension in the Egyptian name.
name of the Sphinx is Horemakhet or HR M Kh't.

This T at the end is feminine sufix that probably represents boob and not loaf of bread as linguists propose. I base this on all recorded names in Egypt, their grammar which clearly distincts male and female and also loads of male rulers that assumed "boobs" on their statues. (but they don't have T extension in the name) Boobs are a big deal, they are life, strenght, immunity, food for each and every living being.
In a land that had bread for currency this is very normal way of thinking.
It is a BIG DEAL, both bread and mothers milk and this last is what will make some think about things.

 Name of the Great Sphinx 

Ammit MMt

as I supposed before not just Tut's face is completely feminine but "his" name also.

Nefertiti means literarly NFR-pretty TT-boobs!

Au SeTa or isis
she have an egg extra beside boob

male - female grammar in egypt

god Hapis or Apis with boobs.
(he is far from being only one).

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