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VESICA PISCIS - Flower of Life

Vesica Piscis 

author; Lizzy Bluebell
conclusion on the video; 

manipulative symbolism re-vealed

"How does one start blabbering about a "he-god" while referencing a Universal Womb?"

Sac-red Geo-meter-eye. The "Root principle" is a Vesica Piscis. A Womb. A Container. A Red Sack. A Bag, which is also a derogatory English-language euphemism for a whore or woman (Hora). So right there, Gilchrist is telling us that our 'origins' or the "Uni-Verse" is accepted as being FEMININE in ma-thema-tical Sa-cred Geo-meter-eye. 

But then look -- see how that video graphic above depicts an Egyptian Eye symbolism -- but note, it is only ONE EYE, and it is the RIGHT eye. This video CLEARLY demonstrates the gaping flaws in the essential premise of "ma-thematical" thin-king, which, simply stated, is that we can understand the W/HOLE by taking it apart, by dissecting it and then re-connecting it in many other ways through the de-vices of our "sacred mathematics" -- supposedly "sac-red" or "holy" because they reference "G-O-D" . 

While Gil-CHRIST refers us to the UNI-Verse (< Latin, ONE-Verse, which is a SINGULARITY) as a WOMB (a 'container' or 'vessel' ) he then asserts blatantly that this Uni-verse or One-verse is CREATED by the mechanism of melding TWO CIRCLES (a DUALITY) which THEN create a SINGULAR Vesica Piscis via their UNIFICATION. These TWO circles are JOINED by TWO POINTS which FORM a "common radius" which they NAME as a Vesica Piscis or WOMB of the Uni-Verse. Confused yet ?? You should be. Yet this is all stated as LOGICAL !!! Gilchrist also fails to mention where these TWO circles and TWO points arise! 

The term "Vesica Piscis" (Fish Vessel or Fish Sack) is Latin, therefore indicating its origins with the Christian Church, automatically making it quite 'fishy' (suspicious). However, in diverting us swiftly in this presentation towards an acceptance of the Vesica Piscis as the "basic unit" of the Uni-Verse, as the essential motif of all life, Gilchrist totally ignores the TWO CRESCENT shapes which are also created by this melding of his "Two Circles" in this formulation of the Vesica Piscis; and that is what everyone has to recognise right off the top -- how our attention is deliberately focused on accepting what he TELLS us, while he ignores other extraneous "factors" -- this is the great flaw in "scientific method". As he goes on with his spiel, he leads you down his 'path' to the false B-Leaf or 'know-ledge' of this "Ma-Theme-A". And then he moves us onto a revelation that there are five vesicas in the schema -- voila -- there is "magic in numbers" !!

A "football-like shape" and then The Big Bang -- LOL !!! He gives THAT away right off the top of his presentation?? Yep -- Ma and her "vesica" have definitely been kicked around like a football ever since Christ as a cowboy rode an ASS into jeru-salem. An ass is The Body in occultism. And football is a high ritual, full of "sacred geometry" in all its measurements of the field, the number of players, and the ball itself, made of pigskin.

“Flower of Life”

backward symbolism

The Forbidden City - Beijing, China.
At the entrance to the Forbidden City – an ancient imperial palace in Beijing that was built in the early 1400’s – you can see the same 'Flower of Life' under the paw of the Fu Dog (more accurately called "Guardian Lions"). This palace was home to 24 emperors of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Could the Fu Dogs not only be a symbol of protection to buildings and their inhabitants, but guardians of the knowledge of how universal energy works? 

The Golden Temple - Amritsar, India. 
The 'Flower of Life' also appears on the walkway around the Golden Temple, or Harmandir Sahib, one of the holiest shrines of the Sikh religion. It was built in the 16th Century and means the “Temple of God.”

Foo Dogs meaning and usage;
The lions are always presented in pairs, a manifestation of yin and yang, the female representing yin and the male yang. The male lion has its right front paw on an embroidered ball called a "xiù qiú" (绣球), which is sometimes carved with a geometric pattern known in the West as the "Flower of life" The female is essentially identical, but has a cub under the closer (left) paw to the male, representing the cycle of life. Symbolically, the female fu lion protects those dwelling inside, while the male guards the structure. Sometimes the female has her mouth closed, and the male open. This symbolizes the enunciation of the sacred word "om". However, Japanese adaptions state that the male is inhaling, representing life, while the female exhales, representing death.
Other styles have both lions with a single large pearl in each of their partially opened mouths. The pearl is carved so that it can roll about in the lion's mouth but sized just large enough so that it can never be removed.
According to feng shui, correct placement of the lions is important to ensure their beneficial effect. (benefitial to whom?)
When looking out of a building through the entrance to be guarded, looking in the same direction as the lions, the male is placed on the left and the female on the right. So when looking at the entrance from outside the building, facing the lions, the male lion with the ball is on the right, and the female with the cub is on the left.
(her sinister side)

In that single statement from the text, we can read the true INTENT in this backwards symbolism !! It is so obviously 'backwards' to the REALITY that Woman births and breathes life into her newborn.

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