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Name of Britannia goes way back but oldest sample of her name is found few years back and dated to around Roman times. The statue on the picture is Goddess Brigantia.
Incription on the statue says
BRIGANTIAE SAMALOVS or Brigantia Semelovs
OV-slavic neutral possesive sufixs/in those times cause same extension is used for male names only today- OVA is today form of feminine possesive sufix, it means HERS.
S extension is Macedonian and Roman, used as singular noun at the end of the names, it means -from her alone.
SAMAL-OVS is same old Etruscan and Thracian Goddess Semela or ZEMLA in slavic meaning Earth.

Brygians are really ancient people that have been inhabiting Helm (Balkan) and that have spread in time to nearby Herm (Anatolia) and there they were recorded as Phrygians.
They are easy to recognise cause of their "smurf" hats.

BRIG/BREG in Slavic means a Hill or a high place.
ANTI is shorter for future Veneti, Vendi, Vandals.
V use to be omitted from writing because it was a glottal stop and therefore a God self.

Anti are people from Troja that after their defeat moved to Helm between Dinara Alps and Adriatic Sea. They are what was left from pre-ANCIENT world.
Entire era is named after ANTI.

a bit more on Sclavo-Scythian origins of Britannia.
Slavonic Wilk or Sclavic Wolves, in todays english Wilk became folk.

from Clack
A Journal of Literary, Scientifick, and Artistick Talk for One and All in Ye
Counties of Devon and Cornwall
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Medieval lead pilgrim's ampulla, found in Henhull, Cheshire

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