Thursday, 25 August 2016


from Vladimir Georgiev ,Bulgarian linguist
Slavic elements in ancient Trachian language.

Thracian word for rabbit is SAIHA.
In Slavic it is Zaek, Zajka, Zajac, Zajakot, Zajak, Zec etc

Berga, Bryg, Helm, Hum are Slavic names for hill - Brig/breg
toponims; Bergana, Bersama, Bersovia, family names Bregovic, Brigic etc.

Berza or Breza is Birch tree
toponims; Bersava, Bersamae, Bersovia ,old Bulgarian and old Serbian Briza.

Bourd or Brod is Boat
toponims; Burdara, Burdomes, Slavonski Brod, Bosanski Brod etc


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    I hope that you can translate this text. Or please tell me what language it is.. See picture below. This is text from relic (The relic is from Macedonia)

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    Steve K.

  2. The brod is use also in meaning Of passage across the water or in spiritual way (for exsample prebrodio brigu) in Serbian language.

    1. Serbian is just a tiny fraction of Slavic language, especialy modern version have been depleted of its original value several times over by your own creators of grammatic rules.

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      Thank you for your answer!

      Can you contact me on to send you full image of this relic and more information about it?

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